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10 Budding Countries to Work At

Posted On 2016-04-02

10 Budding Countries to Work At

Looking for a job abroad? A lot of people from India look for jobs in foreign countries so as to generate better income and lead a better life. But before you decide on which to work in, check out this list of top ten countries based on the work environment, pay packages and perks they give to employees:


• Germany: According to figures cited by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the working hours for employees every week is just 27.8 hours. Furthermore, the standard of living is quite high and Germany is one of the strongest economies in Europe. The lesser working hours give you time to be with your family and pursue your hobbies, thus providing you a healthy and balanced lifestyle.


• Bulgaria: If you are looking for a job that also allows you to raise a family, Bulgaria is the place for you. In Bulgaria, employees are given up to 410 days of paid maternity leave. Employees are also allowed a second year of paid maternity leave on minimum salary.


• Brazil: The country is known to offer the most number of paid vacation days per year in the world. Full time employees are entitled to 41 days of paid holidays. While 30 are mandatory, 11 are federal holidays. So you can work hard and party harder.


• United States of America: The US witnesses a major inflow of expats from all over the world. You pay package may be good in the US, but the number of holidays and the cost of living is quite high. A basic studio apartment can cost anything between $1, 800 to $2, 500 per month.


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