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Current affairs - how does it help it GDs and PIs

Posted On 2017-02-17

Current affairs - how does it help it GDs and PIs

Nowadays almost all major examinations hold Group Discussions (GDs) and Personal Interviews (PI) prior to the final selection of successful candidates. Be it the managements exams such as CAT, the competitive examinations or the Bank exams – all consist of the GD followed by the PI rounds.

A GD involves a larger number of candidates who sit together in a controlled environment and are given a topic on which they have to share their personal views and have a discussion on it with the other candidates. They are silently observed by an examiner who notices the candidate’s body language, listening skill, speaking skills, cooperation skills along with his ideas and views. It becomes easy to shortlist a limited number of candidates from a larger group based on their performance in the GD owing to the competition of a larger number of candidates eyeing for a limited number of seats in a college / job. A candidate successful in the GD round is then called for a PI where there is a one to one interaction between the examiners and the candidate. This interview becomes very personal where a candidate’s personal and professional background is brought into limelight coupled with a host of other questions which may range from your hobbies to your viewpoint on a current happening.

To do well in both the GDs and the PIs, it is very important to be aware of the current affairs happening in the country especially in the field of your intended profession. Suppose you are appearing for the CAT GDs and PIs; in such a case, you should be well aware of the current happenings in the field of business and management apart from other sectors. The topics given in GDs are usually those which are of a debatable character and can involve a discussion between the candidates. Even in a PI, an examiner can ask for your views on any latest and highly debatable current affair and you wouldn’t want yourself to be caught unawares in such a situation.

You need to be abreast with the latest news of the year not limited to your country but also the important international news. You should start reading a newspaper daily for about 3-4 months prior to your examinations and also subscribe to a magazine in the field of your intended profession which will keep you continually in touch with the latest happenings and knowledge in that sector. The best tool in the modern times is the use of internet for seeking knowledge and being abreast with the current affairs ranging from political to sensational news. You can also watch a news channel every day for the breaking news around the world and try to get a deeper perspective on important and grave matters. Try to have short but interesting discussions with your peers, teachers and parents about the current happenings as this will also prepare you to share your viewpoint while listen to other’s perspectives also.

Having the knowledge is just half the battle and for winning the battle, you need to articulate your thoughts and give a voice to your thoughts by presenting your viewpoint in an assertive yet polite manner through the GD and the PI. Never lose your cool and try to maintain your composure by having a pleasing body language and don’t be nervous or shy to speak up. Speak loud and clearly but don’t sound aggressive and adamant. Don’t keep thinking about whether your point is correct or not as there is no right or wrong answer in a discussion. Listen to the points made by the other speakers and try to include their viewpoint along with your views as this will show your leadership skills which will have a positive impact.

The examiner judges you based on your overall presentation of your thoughts and your ability to manage yourself in a stressed situation. Your aptitude and intelligence has already been seen in the written exams and the GD and PI levels are conducted to assess your personality and communicative skills.

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