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Fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization

Posted On 2013-05-28

Fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?


The process or the method used for promotion as well as improvement of any web site so as to enhance the number of visitors to the site from its search engines is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Thus SEO can be called a very popular process for reaching and connecting with target audience by improvement of position of the web sites in the search engines.


Basic SEO Fundamentals There are few Best Practices and Key tips which can be used for Search engine Optimization for enhancing the performance of search engines.


• Identification of target Search terms

• Selection of Pages for Optimization

• Insertion of Target terms all through the page copy

• Making best use of Head tags

• Unique Page Title Tag

• Meta tags are not anymore important

• Using Proper Keyword Density


That is why good type of copywriting which integrates the desired keywords as often as you can by maintaining the regular flow of the content is very essential for SEO. Finally the most important point you should keep in mind is the web page content of your web site should appeal maximum people along with the search engines.


Essential Aspects of Link Building and Link Building Strategy


The most primary method which is being used by search engines to spot your site pages is to simply follow the links from your home page to various web sites is called Crawling or Spidering. Let the spiders crawl as much as they can for the search engines to help in finding you. Therefore the menu structure should be free of any barriers preventing search engines from crawling.


Search Engine Spider Simulator is an effective tool which helps you in seeing what any search engine sees:


Some effectual ways for creating impressive search engine road maps is to create Site Map which has simple text links to most of the pages of your web site.


Link Building Strategy


Search engines can find your web site pages through effectual Link Popularity, by which search engines follow all the links which have been set up to your web site from various other external sites.


Importance of Content Optimization


Content on your web pages is very vital for SEO therefore if the above steps tell you how to improve the search engine performance of your websites there are few barriers too like:


• Try to avoid frames

• Avoid Dynamic frames as they act as barriers for crawling

• Translate images into actual text

• Multimedia and Flash animation are not search engine friendly

• Avoid using implantations of JavaScript or embedding other scripts


In order to measure the success of SEO optimization the way is to use the whole SEO process as an experiment which should have before-and-after results which can be measured. Thus by creating a unique and accurate page titles and making use of description meta tags and improving the site structure through content optimizing you can get good SEO rankings for web page.

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