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Worlds most beautiful birds

Posted On 2013-07-01

Worlds most beautiful birds

There are numerous beautiful creatures which enhance the beauty of nature and make it look spectacular, but amongst all the birds are the most beautifully painted and most colorful creatures which endorse our planet. These small or big winged wonders are blessed with largest color palette by nature. Here is the list of some amazingly colorful birds which bejewel the forest across the world:


• Peacock

This legendary bird has spectacular feathers and is the most notorious bird well-known for its mating rituals.


• Scarlet Macaw

When it comes to colors these are the most magnificent species of parrots which endorse the national symbol of Honduras.


• Kingfisher

This is most common bird is very commonly sighted with multitude of shades of orange and blues which attract every bird watchers attention.


• Painted Bunting

This is very profoundly found and beautifully painted bird belonging to the North American region. Only the male species is blessed with amazing colorful palette which helps it is its mating rituals.


• Baltimore Oriole

The peculiar combination of beautiful voice along with spellbinding combination of orange and black feathers leaves every bird watcher speechless after watching Baltimore Oriole.


• Northern Cardinal

If you want to watch the vivid example of spectacular scarlet red feather coat on a bird then Northern Cardinal is the one you must watch out for. The black trim around its beak makes the bird look outstanding.


• African Crowned Crane

Although not very colorful bird, but its appearance is very catchy along with the way nature has crafted its head with colors.

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