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Making the most of leftovers

Posted On 2013-05-14

Making the most of leftovers

Tired of looking at the leftovers?Turkey, chicken, vegetables and other food items lurking under sheets of aluminum foil or air sealed pouches. Well, you can now be creative with these items.


Using leftover food from party, restaurant or home is a nice idea to save money and reduce wastage. Apart from that leftover food can be a nice idea to try something new and innovative. So, to make the most from the leftovers let’s have a look on some mouthwatering recipes which can be made from leftovers?


• If you have a lot of leftover bread and you are totally clueless what to do with it, then try cooking some delicious desserts and breakfast items. Excellent French toast or a sweet treat of bread pudding with fruits are the best ways to utilize the leftover bread.


• Tensed about the extra amount of rotisserie chicken which you bought from supermarket? Then you will glad to know there are some delicious and simple dishes which can be cooked using leftover chicken like go for the simplest one, chicken salad which requires no cooking at all or Chicken quesadillas with cheese or how about yummy Chicken pot pie!


• If you are bored with the Thanksgiving leftover turkey and want to get rid of it, then add a zing to your leftover by making Turkey tortilla soup or just toss the leftover turkey with some cranberry juice. Turkey with noodles is also a great choice to enjoy the leftover turkey.


• Frightened with last night leftover steak? Then there are some ideas to help you out try stir-fry with some veggies, soy sauce, ginger and sesame oil. Beef stew is quite an appetite during winter or you can also try the steak with some onion and garlic.


• When it comes to leftover hamburger meat, then there are a plenty of recipes to try like Shepherd's pie where the meat is sautéed with onion, butter, carrots, peas etc. and some curry is added. You can also have the delicious tacos made from some leftover meat. For all the macaroni fans try mixing the meat with some mac and cheese.


• There are many ways to use the leftover vegetables like sauté the vegies with soy sauce or sesame oil. Roast some vegies with hot pepper, olive oil and salt and you can enjoy it with a sandwich or rice. You can also freeze some vegetables to use it later for soups.


• There are tons of sweet delicious food items and drinks that can be made with overripe fruits like overripe bananas make the best banana bread or banana pancakes. How about a delicious smoothie or a fruit pie!

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