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Learning is fun

Saral study is an interactive and interdisciplinary classroom. It is classroom alright, but teachers here aren't that strict and are available whenever you need them. Teaching here isbased on the interactive teaching module.The interactive teaching module presupposes that learning is best done in a collaborative, communicative atmosphere that engages direct inter -action between student and teacher, via audio visual tools.Over the years we have perfected our core philosophy "learning is fun" and have come up with a unique teaching module or methodology that on one hand engages the student constr-uctively and on the other enables him to learn and score and at the same time. So, mathematicsshall no longer be a chore, and science shall be fun. And as far a learning those tiresome history dates you can have them at your fingertips.
So now you can forget about the tiresome home tuitions and engage in self study with the bestprofessionals. Our students have learnt not to shy away from the challenging problems.

Package of goodies

And that is not all. SaralStudy is in fact a comprehensive package for today's children. It isa package of goodies that every child will love. Saralstudy combines fun and study in an enjoyableway. It contains several useful kits and applications for self is a veritable encyclopedia of information. It also offers students theopportunity to network and form friends around the globe.

Cognitive learning-building the roadmap for success

Success is 99% perspiration and 1 % inspiration. While the hard work is yours we provide the road mapfor success in both competitive and CBSE board examinations.According to recent statistics about 50 million children in India are going to clear their senior secondary examination within a span of 3 years. Most of them, shall then prepare for some sort ofcompetitive examination. However, only a miniscule percentage shall succeed. The remaining shall opt for some college. Here too, success shall elude most as top notch colleges are few. As everystudent more or less puts in the same amount of hard work, the pertinent question is how to getthe extra edge for success in competitive examinations.The answer is Saral Study. While there is evidently no alternative for hard work, there are still aremeans for developing the cognitive processes of the brain."Cognitive learning is learning through one's own observation , it is be the result of listening, watching, touching and experiencing. It is concerned with acquisition of problem-solving abilities andwith intelligence and conscious thought".It has been proven that 2D/ 3D images, graphics, visuals, etc., aid cognitive learning. These build aroad map. Once the brain builds a road map, problem solving becomes a lot easier. Similarly, as far asmemorizing is concerned, it is a lot easier if audio visual aids are used to that effect. Our study material invariably utilizes these tools. Because of these tools students preparing for CBSE XI -XIIfare better.So now you too can be one of the enviable few to crack the IIT/JEE or get admission in one of the topnotch colleges of the country.And you thought that success was just about having the right genes!!!

Question papers only a click away

Students preparing for any competitive examination are suggested to refer Saral Study.Over the years wehave built a rich storehouse of content that can be made available to you at the click of a mouse. Whetherit is the IIT/JEE or medical examination from any part of the country, or GATE/TOFEL examinations or theprestigious IIM, we have them all.Saral Study truly makes studies simple.