NCERT Exemplar Problems with solutions

The National Council of Education, Research and Training (NCERT) has structured the Exemplar Questions for class 6 to class 12. Exemplar is set of chapter-wise additional questions for subjects like Maths and Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology). It contains all type of questions; like, short answers, long answers, Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ). Instructors have been suggesting these models to the pupil as the questions have been pleasantly structured by NCERT. In the event that the student does the exemplar questions altogether, at that point there won't be a need to allude to different books. brings you here answers for all exemplar problems in allowed to download pdf position. You can tap on the links below and download subject-wise and chapter-wise solutions in pdf for nothing.

NCERT Exemplar solutions from class 6 to class 12

At Saralstudy, we provide you NCERT exemplar with solutions for Class 6th to Class 12th. Clicking on below links you can download the chapter-wise free PDF of Science (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) and Maths exemplar and solutions.

What is an NCERT Exemplar?

NCERT exemplar problems and solutions was introduced by NCERT organisation (राष्ट्रीय शैक्षिक अनुसन्धान और प्रशिक्षण परिषद) to develop the out-of-box solving skills, problem solving skills, and higher order thinking skills of students. Problems with detailed solutions are helpful to prepare for competitive exams like NEET, JEE etc.

Exemplar problems are essentially practice-books that incorporate additional questions of a more elevated level and are intended for helping inside and out learning. They are utilised particularly for higher competitive exams like, JEE and JEE advanced exams. The NCERT exemplar books contain in-depth information, which is beneficial for you in preparation of competitive and CBSE board exams.

Exemplar is structured particularly for competitive exams. It gives you MCQs, new ideas, ability creating questions, and will assist you with generalising the ideas and give you presentation to numerous idea based questions. NCERT Exemplar is intended to give teachers and students more problems that are of higher bent and have more prominent spotlight on utilisation of ideas learnt in class.