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Class 12th Accountancy 2017 Set1 Delhi Board Paper Solution

Question 23

Explain the following formatting tools with example :

(i) Number formatting

(ii) Currency

(iii) Percentage

(iv) Dates


(i) Number Formatting: This feature allows you to format a cell or range based on certain criteria. It changes the appearance of data and makes it easier to read and understand important numeric information.

(ii) Currency: Excel is equipped to incorporate various currency signs in pictorial form for dollar it uses $ similarly for other currencies also. If the user instructs the use of the format it will assign a currency format along with entry.

(iii) Percentage: If we enter a value representing a percentage as a whole number followed by the percentage sign without any decimal places, Excel assigns to the cell the percentage format that follows the pattern along with the entry. 

(iv) Dates: If we enter a date (dates are values, too) that follows one of the built in excel formats, such as 11-12-2017 or 11-Dec-2017 the program assigns a date format that follows the pattern of the date.