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Class 12th Biology 2013 Set1 Delhi Board Paper Solution

Question 23

Differentiate between inbreeding and outbreeding in cattle. State one advantage and one disadvantage for each one of them.


SN Inbreeding Outbreeding
1 Mating of more closely related individuals Mating of unrelated animals
2 Mating is between animals of same breed for 4-6 generations If mating is b etween animals of sam e breed them there should be no common ancestor for 4-6 generations.
3 Mating is between same species.

Mating can be between d ifferent species.


Advantage of inbreeding

It increases homozygosity so is used for developing pure lines.

Disadvantage of inbreeding

It causes inbreeding depression, due to that decline in survival and reproduction occur.

Advantage of out breeding

It produces hybrids with desirable characters like better lactation period and high milk productions.

Disadvantage of inbreeding

It causes outbreeding depression, that is decline in reproductive fitness,purelines are aslo created in outbreeding.