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Class 12th Biology 2018 Set1 Delhi Board Paper Solution

Question 26

Following are the responses of different animals to various abiotic factors. Describe each one with the help of an example.
(i) Regulate                   (ii) Conform                   (iii) Migrate                       (iv) Suspend 


(i) Regulate: Some animals as Birds and mammals can maintain their body temprature without influenced by the effect of external temp. Eg. Human can tolerate wide range of temp. without and change on its internal body temperature.

(ii) Conform: Conform are those that donnot maintain its body temp. their body temp. varies with change in external temperature. Eg. The cold blooded animals like reptile amphibian and pisces.

(iii) Migrate: Some of the animals during unfavorable condition start migrating to relief the abiotic stress and move to more hostile condition. Eg. Siberian crane migrate from Siberia to Bharatpur Bird Santuries during winter season.

(iv) Suspend: Organism during infavorable condition get inactive. Eg. Polar bear during winter season undergoes wnter sleep i.e. hibernation whereas frog, snail etc. undergoes summer sleep known as aestivation.