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Class 12th Biology 2012 Set1 Delhi Board Paper Solution

Question 24

Study a part of the life cycle of malarial parasite given below. Answer the questions that follow:

life cycle of malarial parasite

(a) Mention the roles of A in the life cycle of the malarial parasite.
(b) Name the event C and the organ where this event occurs.
(c) Identify the organ B and name the cells being released from it.


(a)   A in the image represents the female mosquito. The female mosquito takes up the gametocytes of the malarial parasite along with the blood meal when it bites an infected person.

(b)   The event 'C' is the fertilization stage and it takes place in the intestine of the mosquito.

(c)   The organ 'B' is the salivary gland of the mosquito and the sporozoites escape out of the mosquito's  salivary gland.