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Class 12th Biology 2016 Set3 Delhi Board Paper Solution

Question 23

Reproductive and Child Healthcare (RCH) programmes are currently in operation. One of the major tasks of these programmes is to create awareness amongst people about the wide range of reproduction related aspects. As this is important and essential for building a reproductively healthy society.

(a) “Providing sex education in schools is one of the ways to meet this goal.” Give four points in support of your opinion regarding this statement.

(b) List any two ‘indicators’ that indicate a reproductively healthy society.


(a) The following are the reasons to support the statement:

1) Sex eucation in schools is important to provide right information and to  dispel myths and misconceptions about sex-related aspects.


2) Correct information about reproductive organs adolescence and related changes, safe sexual practices and sexual hyguene help the adolescents lead a healthy reproductive life.


3) information about sexually transmitte diseases and HIV-AIDS is important for turning adolscents into responsible adults


4) Awareness of problem due to uncontrolled population growth, social evils like sex abuse and sex related crimes etc. need a healty society.


(b) Below are the indicators that indicate a reproductively healthy society:

1) Increased medical facilities for all sex related problems

2) Better detection and cure of Sexually Transmitted Diseases.