Question 1

(a) What are the two types of deserts found in the world?
(b) In which continent is the Sahara desert located?
(c) What are the climatic conditions of the Ladakh desert?
(d) What mainly attracts tourists to Ladakh?
(e) What type of clothes the people of the Sahara desert wear?
(f) Name the trees that grow in Ladakh.


(a) Two types of deserts found in the world are as follows:
- Cold desert: Contains extreme amount of rainfall specially during the winters and rarely during summers.  
- Hot desert: Contains very hot climate and receives low amount of rainfall.

(b) Sahara desert is located in Africa.

(c) The climate of ladakh is extremely cold and also is a cold desert and remains dry due to high attitude. The air at this attitude is so thin that the heat of the sun can be felt intensely.

(d) The following things attracts tourists to ladakh are as follows:
- natural beauty
- the gompas
- meadows and glaciers
- ceremonies and festivities to local people.

(e) People of the sahara desert wear heavy robes for the protection against dust storms and hot winds.

(f) The following tress grow in ladakh:

- willows
- poplars
- apples
- apricots
- walnuts

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