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Must Read - First Aid Tricks

Posted On 2017-01-03

Must Read - First Aid Tricks

Emergencies don’t come announced. When we are faced with a medical emergency or a life threatening event, harm can be caused to the person suffering or even death if urgent help is not provided in a timely manner. Before an ambulance or medical help arrives, it is very important to know some first aid tips, which when rightly administered, can also help to save a life.

Some basic lifesaving first aid tips are:

  • CPR or Chest Compressions


Cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR is a method used when a person is unresponsive and not breathing. Firstly, you must check for signs of breathing. You can do this by tilting the person’s head backwards and check whether he is breathing. Start giving chest compressions repeatedly and also give two one-second breaths into his mouth while continuing with the chest compressions till medical help arrives or the person starts breathing normally.


  • Stopping bleeding


This is one of the most important first aid help which needs to be given when a person is bleeding profusely. If it is a small cut, chances are that the bleeding will stop in a few minutes if direct pressure is applied. However, if the cut is large or deep or if there is an arterial bleeding, blood loss will be rapid and life threatening. The best thing to do in this scenario is to apply direct pressure with a clean cloth or gauze over the wound for as long as 20 minutes. The area of bleeding should be elevated from the rest of the body as this will slow down the flow of blood to that area.


  • Burns


Depending upon the severity of the burn, medical help should be sought. You should immediately run cool water over the burnt area for about 10 minutes. After that, that area should be cleaned with soap and water. Do not apply any greasy substance such as butter, oil or even ice. A pain reliever such as ibuprofen can be taken to reduce pain.


  • Nose bleeds


In case of a nose bleed, you should press the soft part of the nose for about 10 minutes and lean forwards to stop the blood flow.


  • Choking


If someone holds their throat or appears to be choking, you should hit them on their back on their shoulder blades to try to make them cough so as to remove the substance that is choking them, come out. If this doesn’t work, then the famous ‘


  • Hypothermia


Hypothermia is a state in which the body temperature falls below the requisite temperature needed to maintain normal bodily functions. In such an event, bring such a person indoors, remove any of their wet clothing, wrap them warm in a blanket or sleeping bag and give them something hot to drink which will help them to stabilize their bodily temperature.


  • Heart Attack and Strokes


In case you find someone who seems to be undergoing a cardiac arrest or having a stroke, it is helpful if you give them an aspirin which are anti-inflammatory and a blood thinner and hence will help blood get to the heart bypassing clots. However, you must be cautious not to give aspirin if this would react negatively with any other medications being taken by such person.

The symptoms in a heart attack may be chest pain or pressure radiating to the jaw or neck and down the arm, along with skin turning pale, nausea, and/or vomiting. They may differ from person to person. If a person stops breathing, start doing CPR technique till medical help arrives or take him to emergency.


  • Severe Allergic Reaction


If you find someone having a severe allergic reaction, then ask them if they have had it before and try to give them a shot of epinephrine, if they have one readily at hand. Call the ambulance and perform CPR if necessary.


  • Sinking Car


You will have just about one or two seconds before your car falls into the water body – try to open the door of your car before it hits the water and if this is not possible at least try to open the windows. Otherwise wait till the car is submerged and the pressure in the car is same as the pressure of the water body – then open the door and swim to the top. If the doors are jammed, try breaking open the windows with some sharp object such as the headrest of your seat.

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