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Top 10 Reasons of Floods in India

Posted On 2016-02-08

Top 10 Reasons of Floods in India

More than 50% of India is flood prone. A recent survey classified more than thirty eight cities in India as being prone to floods. India has had its share of floods. Being a developing country, a flood in India causes more devastation than in developed countries. The enormous and highly-concentrated population in the country compounds the problem. The following are the top ten reasons for floods in India.


1 Dams Old dams pose an environmental hazard. If there is a failure in the dam, water contained can come out and flood the entire region in a matter of minutes. Dams can fail without anyone knowing about it. Heavy rainfall could cause a dam-break.


2 Rain and thunderstorm Heavy rain floods low-lying areas. It causes flash floods. These types of floods are strong in force. The water pressure uproots trees and causes damage to property. The best way to prevent it is to have a plan that routes rainwater to an organized and controlled direction. It also helps to seal-off low lying areas with concrete structures.


3 Flood after fire Flood can happen after wildfires. The wildfire chars the ground. The ground loses the ability to absorb water. Over a period of time, rainwater accumulates on the ground surface. It slowly starts gaining momentum and induces a flood.


4 Ice jams...

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