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Class 12th Biology 2015 Set1 Delhi Board Paper Solution

Question 18

Choose any three microbes, from the following which are suited for organic farming which is in great demand these days for various reasons. Mention one application of each one chosen.

Mycorrhiza; Monascus; Anabaena; Rhizobium; Methanobacterium; Trichoderma.


Following three microbes can be chosen for organic farming:

Mycorrhiza: It helps in trapping nitrogen for the plants. Anabaena: It is involved in the process of nitrogen fixation. Rhizobium: It also plays a role in nitrogen fixation.

Monascus: It produces a group of drugs called statins that are used to lower the cholesterol in body.

Methanobacterium: It is used in the biological generation of methane by anaerobic processes. Trichoderma: It produces cyclosporin A which is used as an immunosuppressive agent.