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12 Simple Tips And Tricks To Help You Prepare For Entrance Exams

Posted On 2017-04-18

12 Simple Tips And Tricks To Help You Prepare For Entrance Exams

12 Simple Tips And Tricks To Help You Prepare For Entrance Exams

Cracking an entrance exam is not easy because not all are born intelligent and beside some exceptions, rest of the students appearing for the entrance have to go under a lot of pressure to prepare for the tough battle. But despite putting in so much efforts, only a handful of students manage to make through while rest feel sad for their hard luck.

Well if you also have a feeling that you have a very less chances of cracking that most anticipated entrance exam of your then these 12 tips and tricks can sure come handy for you.


Think Big

Motivation is the only key to achieve your goals in life. The bigger your dream the nigger will be your success. With motivation comes commitment which sharpens your zeal to make things happen.


Conquer The Mind Battle

Some people are born with the habit if leaving the jobs half done as they tend to quit in the middle, There can be no other negative habit then quitting that will hamper your success in life.


Don’t Shy Away From Taking The First Step

Find out where you stand in your exam preparation and where you need to reach to meet your ultimate goal. Ask yourself whether you are ready to take up the challenge. Once you prepare yourself both mentally and physically you will be able to focus more on exam pattern, eligibility criteria, important dates, etc.


Follow The right Approach

Now that you have decided to prepare for an entrance exam and finished all the formalities, its time to start collecting the study material. Ask your teachers about book references for each subject and purchase sample papers to practice. Previous year sample paper books are considered ideal for preparing for the entrance exam.


Be Meticulous With Your Strategy

You must have a fairly good ideal of your strengths and shortcomings as this will help you in planning out your strategy. Make optimum use of your resources by strategic planning, hard work, proper guidance, positive outlook and of course a lot of hard work.


Make Your Study Plan

No one in this world can undermine the importance of planning as it is imperative to begin any important task. Make a time table for yourself and ensure that you follow it diligently. Utilize your time productively and it will help in improving your performance constantly. This can also be a great learning exercise for future as well as it helps you learn time management.


Find Out The Right Way To Study

Do not shy away from being called a nerd if you have too many questions, instead make it a habit of your study plan. Find the right way to study and if your way is to asking too many questions then be it. You can also follow reverse engineering technique whereupon you start thinking from the opposite point of view. Keep thinking out of the box and try solving numerical problems wherever possible.


Learn Time Management

As an entrance exam student you must know how to manage your time well as it is one of the most critical factors of your preparation. You need to inculcate the habit of writing as many tests as possible to prepare yourself for the final battle.


Check Syllabus Thoroughly

A lot of students make a mistake of studying everything without realizing whether it is a part of their entrance exam syllabus or not. Keep the syllabus glued near to your study table and ensure to check it before you begin and after you end your studies for the day to take a not of how much you have covered.


Motivate Yourself

You need to be your true inspiration so do not leave a single moment to motivate yourself. This will help in identifying your weak points and you will get to work on it. Solve previous papers and compete with yourself to bring in more marks with every paper your are solving. Higher marks will ensure higher motivation levels.


Control Your Anxiety

Being anxious or getting stressed will only blur your chances of fairing through the entrance exam, so it is better you keep these two enemies at bay. To keep yourself stress free go out and take a walk, listen to music and allow yourself a day off once in a while to rejuvenate your mind and body.


Group Study

If you think you are not able to study alone then join a coaching class or arrange for group study at your place. Group study helps in clearing doubts in the real life scenario and you never know other students might teach you something which you were not aware of.


Final Word

Following these simple tips and tricks can sure be a game changer in your chances of clearing any entrance exam which you are planning to appear for.

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