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9 Great Ways to Spend Your Summer Vacations

Posted On 2013-04-12

9 Great Ways to Spend Your Summer Vacations

Every year summer vacation is the time most awaited by the families, especially if they have little kids. Vacations are not merely time to have fun, but for families to bond together. Ideas to spend summer vacations can be numerous, but what matters is those have to be the memorable ones. A few are suggested for you, below:


1. Playing Together:  Vacations give lot of time to be together. The whole family can join to family play games like monopoly, Uno, cars, housie, scramble, etc. This would let the kids spend more time with the parents and build more connection.


2. Family Get-Together:  In the times when making a call to your dear ones also becomes rare, call upon your extended family and close friends and plan a family party at the weekends. Prepare scrumptious food and arrange good music. Share experiences or stories or jokes; let talking be the prime sport of this gathering.


3. Plan A Trip To Hill Station:  Visit to hill stations has always been hot favourite option for families in summers. This time map a new and rare hilly destination; a place where you would get closer to the nature and far from the commercialized zone. Switch off the mobiles and cheer your moods by talking to the local people.


4. Close Getaways: Sometimes busy schedules may try to creep into the summer fun. But don’t get dishearten! Discover new places around your own town so that you can make 1 – 3 days short visit and collect memoirs for this summer holidays.


5. Wildlife Experience: A good idea would be to get a little bold and come out to visit wildlife parks like Jim Corbet or Bandhavgarh; there are many more animal reserves you can definitely find in your state. This would be a perfect blend of adventure, fun and learning for the kids.


6. Beachy Affair:  If you are living near the beach, then there can always be an option to have fun during summers. You can wait for the sun to get gentle and then flood out with kids or friends to adore the sunsets and flushing water at the beach. Or be an early bird to see how the young sun reflects on the sea water!


7. Try On New Foodstuffs:  Experimenting with food can be really exciting. Learn to make new salads and fruit dishes; this will help you binge healthy while you enjoy your new talent. Get a new cookery book or try on your own to make drink coolers, mock tails, shakes and sodas. That would be an excellent way to learn, have fun and fight the summers. 


8. Learn A New Sport: Summer vacations are a good time to join a club or sport academy to learn new sport- badminton, swimming, horse riding, cricket or any other of your choice. Make a group and join together an academy so that you can have enjoyment together. Playing sports can be one of the best ways to spend vacations and keep yourself lively during the lazy summers.


9. Catch Up On Classic Movies:  Even the old era of Bollywood was awesome. Experience the remarkable work of the film makers of the golden days by getting some great classic movies from the nearby library. Watch it with family or call upon a dear friend. You would be amazed to go back to the black and white entertainments of those days!

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