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Career Prospects for Biology 12th Pass Students

Posted On 2017-04-26

Career Prospects for Biology 12th Pass Students

Choosing a career after 12th that too with biology stream seems like a tough task, especially for the students who do not wish to pursue medical science. On the other hand, parents too start giving their kids sleepless nights with pressure to either take MBBS or pharmaceuticals just because their kid has taken biology as a preferred choice for board exams.


However, the reality of career prospects for biology 12th pass students is entirely different from what we have always presumed. The only think that is lacking here is proper knowledge and guidance that would ultimately help students in finding the right career path after passing their 12th exam.


In order to help students not get confused between the only two traditional choices, here is a list of other lucrative career prospects that a 12th pass biology student can consider.



India being an agriculture dominated country present a vast scope for students pursuing career in agriculture studies. Here, when we say agriculture we are not restricted to growing fruits, vegetables and food grains only, there are other choices as well like dairying, poultry, horticulture and farming of course. In this field students can either consider research or training as their specialization and select from a myriad courses options available with almost every university across the nation.


Forensic Science

If you have even a minuscule size interest in reading mystery or solving puzzles then Forensic Science can be another interesting career prospect for you to consider after passing 12th grade with biology. This field involves investigation of a crime by applying scientific principles. You can either opt for a full fledged degree course or go for a diploma in forensic science to have a bright career.



As you can decipher from the term itself, biotechnology is basically a combination of modern technology with biology. In this, researchers manipulate cells as they required to produce results that can bring change or prove to be revolutionary for the society. It is important basically because it helps scientists in finding treatments for various chronic diseases and can be very helpful for humans and other forms of living creatures present on the earth. Biotechnology students can look up to make career in fields like agricultural, environmental, energy, pharmaceutical and chemical.



The study of geology is all about our earth and everything related to it, right from its structure, to its components, etc. It also includes study of all kinds of organisms present on the earth. Geology also includes study of oceanography, geostatistics and hydrogeology. If you have any interest in any of these mentioned fields then your chances of having a well paid, bright and settled future are pretty high as you will end up working with environmental consultant companies, natural resources consultant organizations and NGO’s working for building awareness about nature and earth. If you are lucky you can also work with geological survey of India as a scientist.



For students who have shown keen interest in studying about living and extinct animals during their biology classes can consider pursuing career in zoology. It involves studying about the evolution of animals, their structure, behavior, interaction with the environment and their function. Zoology, being a very vast field comprises of studying about mammals, reptiles, fishes, amphibians, birds and other breeds. After completing your degree or diploma, you can choose to be either a lecturer, ornithologist, zoologist or a wildlife expert working with any animal sanctuary.


Food Technology

Another budding field for 12th pass biology students is that of food technology as the demand for same has increased manifolds in the recent years. The person involved in food technology looks after the packaged food production and ways in which it can be preserved for a longer duration keeping in mind the changes in the modern food habits of people. Food technology basically deals with the scientific understanding about the food items we eat, what are their production methods, how they are packaged and preserved. A degree or diploma in this field can easily get you a job as a food quality controller with any restaurant, hotel, etc. or as a research officer, packaging instructor/manager, and a lot more options to explore.


Final Word

With these many options available, being a doctor, surgeon or a pharmacist after choosing biology in your 12th grade is certainly not the end of life. However, you need to remain focused with your goal and must try to analysis which area would you like to focus in the future so that you can work on your foundation stone accordingly.

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