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Listening Key To Personality Development

Posted On 2013-05-09

Listening Key To Personality Development

A man’s personality is judged by different virtuous actions that he does undertake at particular point of time. Listening is a good habit which helps an individual to understand his partner or group of individuals who are involved in discussion. If you do not listen to your opposite side, quite obviously, you will not be able to make the opinion and there will be no reaction from your end. It is here that communication begins to slow down. Remember, communication is important for personality development.


Listening is Important than Being in Fashion


Developing your personality not necessarily means that you should wear branded clothes, and do the make-up. You do not have to give a smart physical looks by going in for make up at salon. You do not have to make visits to a hair salon just for the sake to look handsome. If you are listening, it is quite obviously, you are:


• Gaining Attention of the opposite party


• Developing Attitude towards Him/Her


• Focusing your mind on what and what not to be said


• Developing long term understanding with opposite party



How Listening Changes Your Personality 360 Degrees


• If you are a good listener, you have qualities of becomes of becoming a successful leader in your future course of life.


• Individuals need to be listened at all levels and only then a common interest point can be developed.


• A good listener is always liked by foes and so there is very least likelihood that listener will have any foes.


• If you have penchant for listening, obviously, your voice will be heard. Your points and actions will be seriously thought about, and you will be respected.


No Body Likes Glib Tonged Fellow!


If you have the attitude of talking continuously on any and every issue, your friends will not start taking you pretty seriously. Probably, your friends will start maintaining a distance and at the end, you are left alone, without any company.


• Glib Tonged and Over Talkative People face the ignorance of People


• Too Much of One Side Talk will ultimately lead to cessation of effective communication


• Once the communication stops, there is absolutely nothing that one can do


• Over talkative personality is in actuality a vanity instead of boon.


When You Listen, You Show Your Interest


Listening to the other’s point of view shows a positive aspect of your personality. In fact, listening is an intellectual aspect and it helps in building close interaction with people around. When the opposite party sees that you are listening to his/her point of view, he/she will become interested in you. It is starting point of great relationship at the end of day.


If you are portraying yourself to be a good listener before the opposite party, obviously,you are showing that you have intellectual bent of mind. Who doesn’t love intellect?

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