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Manipur - Jewel of Inida

Posted On 2015-06-29

Manipur - Jewel of Inida

Introduction- Manipur is a beautiful state set in the lap of the Himalayas. Because of its location, it is also known as the ‘Jewel of India’. Since 1956, Manipur has been a union territory and it was declared a state in 1972. The state is surrounded by beautiful hills, swamps and innumerable small rivers.


Capital- Imphal is the official capital of the state of Manipur. The city boasts of some beautiful locations and picturesque landscapes. Imphal is an ideal place for people who cherish the calm nature far from the hustle and bustle of the urban life. The well built temples and ancient relics speak much about the past of Imphal.


Culture- People from India as well as abroad are well known to Manipur mainly because of its rich culture and art. The Manipuri dance is very famous because it is different from other art forms of the country. The Manipuri handlooms are colorful and varied. The local craftwork includes bed sheets and covers, saris and gowns, tribal shawls, curtains and screens.


Weather- Manipur experiences moderate type of climate almost throughout the year. The climate changes with the change in altitude. Maximum temperature doesn’t go beyond 35 degrees while winter temperatures drop down to as low as 0 degrees.


Lifestyle- The people of Manipur lives a very simple and basic lifestyle. The beautiful state of Manipur has been untouched by the development and so is the life of the people. Rice and fish are the staple food of the people.


Major crops grown- Productivity in agriculture in generally low because of poor farming practices like shifting cultivation and improper use of fertilizers. Paddy is the main crop grown in the state. Rice grown in Manipur is sweet in taste. Other crops grown here include pulses, tea, wheat, orange and coffee.


Costumes and ornaments- Manipuri costumes are simple and easy to wear. The outfit for women consists of a phanek and a cloth around the skirt known as sarong. This is accompanied by a shawl locally known as innaphi. The male attire consists of a jacket and dhoti along with a white turban.


Major festivals- For the folks of Manipur, festivals symbolize their culture and ethnic values. The celebration of festivals goes on round the year. Every month or two, a festival is celebrated here. The major festivals celebrated here include Ningol Chakouba, Yaoshang, Gang-Ngai, Chumpa, Christmas, Kang and Cheiraoba.


Tourist attractions- Manipur is surely a fascinating tourist destination for people who love to explore more. The capital of Manipur is itself so beautiful and incredible that one should not miss seeing it while on a trip to Manipur. Major tourist attractions in the state include Shri Shri Govindaji temple, Kangla, Manipur State Museum, War cemetery and Loukoi Pat.


Kinds of homes- The Manipuris construct their dwelling place on the plains and not in the mountains. They live in traditional houses known as Inchau which is made up of woods and bamboo. Tin is also used for building houses. The people of Manipur love to stay in the houses that have been built with the traditional pattern.


Famous personalities- Manipur has given a lot of sportsperson to the country. One of them is Mary Kom. She is 5 times world boxing champion. Other famous people of Manipur are Laishram Devendro Singh, Kothajit Singh and Laishram Bombayla Devi.

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