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Passion A Driving Force at Work

Posted On 2013-07-17

Passion A Driving Force at Work

Passion is the secret to success. Passion is the drive that propels you forward to take on more challenges and achieve your dreams. There are many examples of people around us who have realized their dreams through their passion. But it is also important to understand that passion alone won’t ensure you success. Determination and hard work will complete your quest for success.


• Follow your passion and you will meet success. It may seem a quirky idea but life is all about risks. There are many people who quit their high paying jobs and settle down at a smaller pay package to follow their passion. Be it photography, interior designing or even gardening, your passion can make you a successful person if you are focused and hardworking.


• It is important that while choosing a career you think over and decide the field you are most passionate about. The idea is to make your work enjoyable. People who enjoy the work are most successful.


• Most people choose a safe route for themselves when it comes to selecting a career line. Engineering, medicine etc are the most commonly chosen subjects by hundreds of students passing out of schools every year.


• There is huge competition among students to get into leading engineering and medical colleges. It is believed in our country that becoming an engineer or a doctor after a few years of study will ensure a lifetime of success, happiness and prosperity.


• However, the truth only comes face to face after they start working in a professional environment. Their expectations fall flat when faced with the ordeals of professional life. Most people either switch jobs to escape from the troubles they face at work not realizing that it is not the work atmosphere that is bothering them; it is the job profile itself.


• Unconventional career paths such as photography, mass media, interior decoration etc aren’t given much priority in our country because it takes time for an individual to establish himself and make it a lucrative career.


• For this reason, most people choose conventional careers and pursue their passions in their leisure time. However, if you could make your passion your career, nothing can stand between you and success.


• Focus on what you want to do in your life. Since you will be investing a lot many years into your job, it is best that you make the right start.

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