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Precarious Predators

Posted On 2015-06-18

Precarious Predators

There are different kinds of predators - the really ferocious ones to the really precarious ones. Precarious predators are the ones which are not talked about in the same vein as Tigers, Lions, Cheetahs, Bears, and Leopards. They are the ones which are neither atop the food chain nor trailing behind it. But they are predators nevertheless. The following is a list of precarious predators – the predators that predate, but not without competition and struggle. They are not only predators; they can be preyed as well by bigger and more powerful predators. Because they say that as with anything, nothing comes easy. Not even in the animal world.


Fennec Fox


This species of fox is the smallest. Interestingly it has the largest ears in the fox species. Quite a contradiction. Fennecs are chiefly found in the Sahara Dessert. They use sonar-like hearing capabilities to detect prey underground.


African Palm Civet


This pint-sized animal is designed to kill. It looks like an offspring of a weasel and a cat. Civets feast on bird eggs, rodents, and birds. They are only found in the African continent. They are experts at climbing trees.


Carolina Dog


This species of dog is similar to the dingo species found in Australia. First found in the southwestern swamps of the United States in the early seventies, the Carolina Dog species has flourished. Today you will hundreds of these animals in a controlled environment. These dogs are carnivorous and hunt in groups.




Meerkats are amazing hunters. Their hunting skills are something to be emulated. Meerkats have attained a cult status given that they were immortalized in films and television for their unique and quirky behavior. Meerkats chiefly prey on lizards, scorpions, eggs, and birds.




These creatures may look passive and nonchalant. But they are very aggressive when provoked. Although gentle looking, these native African animals kill human beings. When humans encroach their water territory, these animals become fierce killing machines.


Jungle Cat


The Jungle Cat is a native of Egypt. It is a smart and agile predator in this region. It hunts down rodents and birds. Jungle Cats also dive and swim in water to hunt fish. They are versatile when it comes to hunting. It is interesting to note that Jungle Cats take to water. Because it is a well-known fact that cats – big or small don’t like water.


Giant Otter


Giant Otters are found in great numbers in the Amazon. They are the best killing species in the depths of the Amazon. They mainly eat catfish. They don’t mind feasting on crabs either. Giant Otters are large mammals reaching a length in excess of six feet.




If you think that the baboon is cute and cuddly, think again. This is a ravaging animal that won’t mind tearing into flesh without a moment’s hesitation. But strangely, given its fierce disposition, the baboon majorly eats fruits and plants. But given a chance it loves red meat. Especially goat meat. It can even hunt down gazelles. This primate is definitely becoming nastier by the day.

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