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Summer Vacation Getting harnessed for the future

Posted On 2013-05-08

Summer Vacation Getting harnessed for the future

With all the time students spend in schools, there is hardly any time left for inclusive growth. The routine students follow doesn’t allow much time for learning. Oh wait, they do go to school and learn, but learning is never restricted to schools. At least, it should not be restricted to schools. But amongst all the mayhem of tuitions, regular school and the daily dose of entertainment they require, when do they actually learn?


Summer Vacation comes to the rescue here, if properly utilized.


Here are couple of reasons why utilizing your summer vacations comes as a necessity:


• Well, in this world with cut throat competition, if you don’t bother to learn, you are at a loss.


• Yes, anyone would rather sit at home and watch movies than go and join a computer training course or take cooking lessons. But if you don’t join these courses now, you’ll have to join them later at a point of time in life when accommodating them in your schedule would be as difficult as putting paste back into the tube.


• When we hear the word vacation, all you do is imagine yourself on a family trip or holidaying with friends. But, a more productive and interesting thing would be to utilize the time to grow as an individual and to expand your set of skills.


Yes, it sounds boring, but you will be grateful you made the right decision, after a couple of years from now. So without wasting (yes, that’s the word) a month and a bit more at this stage of your life, what would be a better option would be to join a course or workshop. So plan it well before your vacations approach. Join a dance class or a computer hardware lesson, swimming class or a foreign language tutorial and pave your future with a bit more brightness and a lot more skills.

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