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Tips to Cracks Entrance Exams for Biology 12th Pass Students

Posted On 2017-04-26

Tips to Cracks Entrance Exams for Biology 12th Pass Students

In India, every year thousands of medical aspirants appear for medical entrance exams soon after their 12th board exams. However, only a few hundreds could actually manage to crack the exam to achieve their goal. If you are also among those thousand aspirants then you must consider some key facts that can help you make your medical entrance exam a cake walk.


Indian education system allows a student with medical aspiration to write any of the medical entrance exam that includes PMT, MH-CET and JIPMER. The one thing that plays a key role in taking your first step is the preparation. Most of the syllabus for medical entrance exams straight after the 12th board exams is derived from CBSE class XI and XII books only. But you can crack the exam only if you know how to prepare for the same thoroughly and meticulously.


The way you work up through the subjects like biology, physics, english, chemistry, logical reasoning, etc. will determine your success ratio. You can consider taking medical entrance exam coaching from the best institute in your vicinity but you need to sharpen your skills and knowledge base as well to clear the medical exam. Just like any other professional entrance exam test, medical entrance tests are also designed in multiple choice format where the most tricky section is that of logical reasoning.


Here are some powerful tips to help you study better for your medical entrance exam.


Time Management - Almost every entrance exam preparation guide includes this point and why not, after all time management is the key to help you crack through such challenging exams. You cannot even think of doing so without learning the proper time management skills. Begin by scheduling your priorities as this is the only way you will manage to stay on your study track while you are preparing for the most crucial exam of your life. You must realize that each and every second of your time is crucial as you will be getting admission into a high ranking medical college only if you manage to get good score in the entrance exam.


Do Not Study From Suggestion Notes Only - If you manage to crack the entrance exam for medical admission you will get to work on the lives and for the lives of other people. Which means, studying from temporary sources or suggestion notes is not going to be beneficial in the long run. You must have your basics correct for each and everything, else you might end up making a mistake which you cannot correct. Unlike other entrance exams in India, medical entrance exams do not come with any shortcuts, thus All India Medical Entrances expect their students to revise their syllabus thoroughly before sitting for the exam. NCERT text books for chemistry and biology are the best sources to grab basic knowledge about the subject required to clear the exam.


Practice With Previous Test Papers - The paper pattern for all the medical entrance exams every remains unchanged to the least. Thus, solving previous year papers can be of great help to understand the question patterns, difficulty level and to get a clear idea about what you can expect from your next years’ exam paper. Also, scouting through the previous year papers for past 3-4 years helps in understanding the changing trend which further brings improvements to your study preparations.


Removing Fear & Stress - Your medical entrance exam preparation should have no place for fear and stress at the first place as they act as the major prerequisites in your entrance exam preparation. Thus eliminating fear, anxiety and stress from your rule book should be your first priority. You can add techniques like yoga, meditation, exercising, listening music, etc. to your daily routine so that you can keep stress at bay. Continue practicing subject you feel confident about and do not forget to allow yourself some free time to freshen up a bit.


No Place For Anxiety - You might be the best student in your class and your teacher is betting on you that you will score 100% in your board exam, but you will not be able to repeat your success if you are engulfed with anxiety. You will need to make some adjustments with your outlook to change your anxiety into excitement which will ultimately lead to positive thinking. Leaving no space for nervousness and anxiety will also help in balancing your focus for entrance test exams.


Following these simple tips will help you begin your medical career on a positive note and will continue till the end.

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