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Uttar Pradesh - Tourist attraction of India

Posted On 2015-06-18

Uttar Pradesh - Tourist attraction of India

Introduction- The state of Uttar Pradesh was formed on 1st April, 1947 as United Provinces. It was named as Uttar Pradesh in 1950. Later in 2000, the hilly area of the state was separated and a new state of Uttaranchal was formed.


Capital- Lucknow is the official capital of the state. Since Mughal era, Lucknow has been the seat of rich culture and architecture. The city has long been known as the city of Nawabs. Lucknow is famous for its cuisine, especially the kebabs and its chicken fabric. The place is full of beautiful monuments which are a great tourist attraction.


Culture- The state of Uttar Pradesh has a rich history of art and culture. Since the Mughal era, the state has been home to a number of craftwork. Aligarh in U.P. is famous for its locks all around the world. Other famous crafts of the state include zari work, bangles, jhumkas, glass artifacts etc.


Weather- The state of Uttar Pradesh experiences a subtropical climate with dry winters. The weather conditions are extreme with summers as hot as 45-50 degrees and winters as cold as 0 degrees. Dry dust storms known as 'loo' blow during the month of May and June throughout the state.


Lifestyle-The people of Uttar Pradesh belong to different religions, yet live together in harmony. They have a unique lifestyle which is found in no other state of the country. Music, art, dancing, fashion is all part of their lovely lifestyle. A cultured and gentle lifestyle is the essence of this state.


Major crops grown- The land of Uttar Pradesh is very fertile because of which a lot crops are grown here and the state is a major contributor to the national food grain stock. Sugarcane is the most widely grown food crops as well as a cash crop in the state. Other important crops grown here are rice, pulses, wheat, millets, maize, lentils, peas and beans.


Costume & Ornaments- The people of Uttar Pradesh have a variety of traditional and western dressing styles. Traditional wear among women includes sari, tailored suits which consists of shalwar and kurta while men wear kurta, pajama and head gear. Sherwani is often worn by men on special occasions. Trousers and shirts are common western outfits amongst men.


Major Festivals- Diwali is the major festival celebrated by people of all religions which shows the height of religious tolerance in the state. Other festivals include KarwaChauth, Moharram, Holi, Eid, Vijayadashami etc.


Tourist Attractions- Uttar Pradesh is a treat for tourists. The state is full of historical monuments and tourist destinations. The most famous amongst them are TajMahal, FahetpurSikhri, Agra Fort, Bada Imambara etc. Places of religious importance include Varanasi, Allahabad, Kushinagar and Sarnath.


Kinds of homes- The rural population of the state resides in the village that are made up of mud, clay and the roofs are thatched. The villages are clustered and not scattered. The urban population lives in cement plastered homes having proper roads and electricity supply.


Famous personalities- Uttar Pradesh has been the home town of many famous personalities. Begum Hazrat Mahal was one such great being. She actively participated against the British East India Company during 1857.

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