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What is verbal reasoning?

Posted On 2016-04-17

What is verbal reasoning?

Verbal reasoning is a psychometric test which has been developed by psychologists to measure and identify cognitive ability of job applicants and is accepted as a credible means of intelligence testing by large employers for assessment, selection and recruitment purposes.

It is designed to evaluate the reasoning ability, comprehension, and verbal skills of an aspiring job applicant. It assesses the suitability of a person for a job by measurement of the desired skills. It is thestandard and widely accepted form of assessment included in virtually all graduate level aptitude tests.

Verbal reasoning test can be asked in various formats, depending on the level of the job. While, basic verbal reasoning tests include sentence completion and analogies which measures linguistic ability; higher level exams for graduates, professionals and managers include problems based on passages, statements that assesses the ability to draw correct conclusion, deduct logical explanation and inferences from the given information.

Employers seek to measure certain basic skills through verbal reasoning tests. Employers gain an insight into an applicant’s potential through the verbal reasoning scorecard. The scorecard enables employers to reflect and assess theapplicant’s ability to identify crucial business-related matters, deduct logical conclusion through business reports, frame official documents, and explain business terms in simple words.

The underlying skills tested in verbal reasoning questions are comprehension, critical reasoning, vocabulary and grammar. To perform well in a verbal reasoning test, you need to develop and practice these skills in detail.

Verbal reasoning question can be categorized into 3 major formats:

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