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Browser Wars Who has the edge

Posted On 2013-05-08

Browser Wars Who has the edge

In the era of Internet there is a significant battle that is occurring right before our eyes. A battle of supremacy, control and hold over the Internet it is the battle of the BROWSERS. With many contenders in the same battle arena there are exciting times ahead with one looking to go better and bigger than the other. With major players like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer things are certain to get heated up.


1. Fall of Netscape and Rise of Internet Explorer:


It all started in 1990s when the major player in the browser arena was Netscape. Netscape's navigator was the most popular way to surf the internet in the 1990s and gradually became the most dominant IPO at Wall Street in the 1990s. But this highly profitable and emerging market was identified by Microsoft the most dominating software company of those times. Microsoft with its abundance of cash and resources proved too strong an opponent for Netscape and with its new web browser Internet Explorer packed into its OS as a freebie it delivered a knock out punch to Netscape. Netscape did try to compete by adding new features to its navigator but it could not provide its browser for free and that lead to its ultimate downfall and demise.


2. The modern era and the hard fought battle:


But in the modern era of Internet where the technology is not just limited to the PC but has also been incorporated into Laptops, Tablets and Mobile the playing field is much more even with many contenders fighting for the spotlight. The names notable among these are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer who are continuously against one another in this war of supremacy.


3. The current scenario:


As far as the current scenario is concerned the balance seems to be in favour of Google with the huge popularity and following of its Android OS mainly across mobile and tablet devices.


• In the present scenario one out of three people carrying a smart phone use Android and with the ever growing popularity thing are certainly looking bright for Google. The dominance of Google at present is comparable to that of Microsoft in the 1990s and early part of this millennium.


• Microsoft is no longer as dominant as it used to be but there is no denying that it can re-emerge on top in the coming years.


• Windows 8 is gaining popularity on the mobile platform and things are certainly looking up for Microsoft's battle in the browser wars in the coming years.


• The popularity of Apple has been on a steep downfall and things don't look like improving in the current years.


4. The Dark Horse: A serious dark horse in this battle is Mozilla Firefox with its new tie-up with Samsung for launching a brand new OS for Samsung handsets. This could re-launch Firefox as the dominant player with the mass popularity of Samsung's Galaxy devices. But Google is also trying to race ahead and has already ditches its WebKit browser engine for Blink.


No matter who wins the battle the Consumers will always be a win-win with better, faster and feature loaded browsers. Let the BATTLE BEGIN.

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