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Food Best non vegetarian delicacies

Posted On 2013-09-04

Food Best non vegetarian delicacies

Delectable delicacies not just delight an epicurean, but it also brings joy in anybody’s life. Give a sad person a delicacy and he will feel better almost immediately. Yes! That’s the power of food. Here is a list of best non vegetarian delicacies that are not just mouth watering, but equally delightful and full of flavor.


Tandoori Chicken


An Indian delicacy, Tandoori Chicken is prepared in a Tandoori or tall, cylindrical equipment that has firing charcoal inside. Prepared with less oil, it is healthy, refreshingly tasty snack. Plus, you can always take it off the sticks and use it with curry for dinner.




Whether it is lamb or beef, steaks are one of the quickest cooked foods. Served as a main, with options like fresh vegetables such as beans and potatoes on the side, this delightfully tasty dish is made by using a cut of meat and then searing it in the pan in rare, medium rare or fully cooked look.


Rogan Josh


Another Indian delectable delight, this Mughalai dish is preferred all over the world because of its thick and rich curry and carefully cooked lamb that is so soft that it just melts in your mouth. Rogan Josh is widely available and the curry also serves well for chicken.


Prawns and Scallops


Boiled, seared and then seasoned with regular herbs, this entrée is widely popular in fine dining restaurants. Coastal countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Australia and Indonesia have their own versions of this sea food starter.


Seared Tuna with Pistachios


The filet of Tuna is first wrapped in a layer of finely crushed pistachios that stick to it because of smearing of olive oil. Then it is kept in a cling wrap and later seared on a non stick pan to give you the crunchy taste of pistachios and the soft, fresh taste of the yummy tuna.


Fried Chicken


Whether it is from KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) or from any Dhabha or Diner in any country of the world, fried chicken is a savory that will be loved by all. Chicken, which is wrapped in special batter, is an amalgamation of crispy outside and soft-juicy on the inside.


Stuffed Turkey


Around the globe, Thanksgiving Day is celebrated by preparing a large, stuffed turkey. Stuffing is usually a family secret that has been used for generations. Served along with roasted potatoes or onion rings, this dish has several variants.


Butter Chicken


With fresh cream on the top and butter that gives you profound pleasure, this Indian dish is the Punjabi way of enjoying gluttony at its best. Serve it with butter Naan or Indian bread prepared in Tandoor and you wouldn’t be able to take your mind off its taste for days!


Shepherd’s Pie


Thinly rolled pastry has juices of several meats flowing inside. This English delicacy is known for being a comfort food all over the Europe where families have been using their old Grandma’s to prepare this food. Use beef, ham, chicken or turkey, you will get a dish that oozes with creaminess.

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