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Odhisha - Temple City of India

Posted On 2015-06-29

Odhisha - Temple City of India

Introduction- Odisha, formerly known as Orissa is situated on the eastern part of the Indian subcontinent. The state was established in 1936 under the British rule. A large part of the state speaks Oriya, the native language of Odisha.


Capital- Bhubaneswar is the official capital of Odisha. Cuttack was the capital of the state before independence. The city is also known as the ‘temple city’ of India because of the presence of numerous beautiful temples here.


Culture- the inhabitants of Odisha are mainly tribal who love to sing, dance and enjoy. Mayubhanj Chau is the most famous dance form of Odisha. Sand art is practiced on the beaches of Odisha.


Weather- the state of odisha experiences typical tropical type of climate. During the summers, it experiences hot winds coming from the northern areas and during winters, biting cold winds blow all over the state. The average temperature during summers is 36⁰-40⁰C while during winters the temperature may drop down to 10⁰C.


Lifestyle- Odisha has long been known for its exotic lifestyle and beautiful beaches. The people indulge themselves in works like hunting, fishing and gathering.


Major crops grown- Agriculture is the major occupation of the people of odisha. The state is amongst the largest producers of rice in the country. Other crops grown here include jute, oilseeds, pulses, coconut, sugarcane, tea, rubber, maize etc.


Costumes and Ornaments- western dressing has entered the state and has been widely accepted by both rural and urban people. Traditional wear includes dhoti, kurta and gamcha among men and sari of different kinds among women.


Major festivals- the major festivals celebrated in Odisha are Saraswati puja, Ganesh puja, Shiva ratri, Janmashtmi and Karma festival.


Tourist attraction- Orissa is famous for its beaches and temples. The puri beach is a famous tourist attraction in odisha. Other places which attract tourists are Jagannath temple, Konark sun temple, Ling raja temple and Nandankanan zoological park.


Kinds of homes- The population of Orissa is mainly comprised of tribal people who have settled in the plain. Few of them also reside in the hilly areas with well built plastered houses.


Famous personalities- Odisha is home to many eminent personalities who have contributed in various fields like art, literature, freedom fight, journalism, etc. Few names in the literary field are Gangadhar Meher, F.M.Senapati. Freedom fighters like Dr.H.K.Mahtab, Pandit Gopabandhu Das.

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