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Personality Development Figuring the Structure of your Personality

Posted On 2013-08-31

Personality Development Figuring the Structure of your Personality

What is personality?


Personality, the word itself has so many different, unique meanings. While some consider it your characteristics, the way you behave or act, others consider it on the basis of how you dress or carry yourself in front of others. But the truth is that personality is the amalgamation of a variety of things. It is about how you perceive yourself, what your attitudes are, how you behave in the presence of others, your morals, your ethics, your personal style and your features. That is why personality development is a vital part of your life.


This is how you can figure out the structure of your personality and develop your personality.


Introvert and extrovert-


If you are shy and feel better when you are alone or in company of just a few, then you are an introvert. If you thrive with too many people around you, then you are an extrovert. But too much of everything is bad. So, if you are an introvert, try being more active in social life, take teamwork projects. Similarly, if you are an extrovert, try taking our sometime to reflect on yourself or perhaps read a book every now and then.


Compliance or defiant-


Do you always oblige your friends, pretend to agree to whatever they say? Or do you defy others-think you are right and different all the time? If you are a yes to the first question, then you are compliant, if yes to the second one, then you are defiant. Having any of them in extremity is bad for your development. So, choose to have your own mind, have your own opinions but at the same time, listen to others and learn!


Dress Sharp


Although dressing isn’t going to carry all the marks for your personality, yet dressing smartly will not just help you feel confident about yourself, but it will also bring out the best in your personality. Remember, personality isn’t just about your attitudes, opinions or nature- it is also about how you present yourself in front of other people. So, choose to wear good clothes that flatter you, accentuate your features.




Instead of walking slow of sluggishly, walk with an average speed. Take poised and good steps. To ensure that you bring out the best in yourself, have a good posture. Your body language says a lot about you, so if you walk straight with your spine in a perfect vertical style, you tend to show that you are positive, healthy and take care of yourself. This will go in developing your personality a long way.




Yes! Smiling is the best way to develop your personality and to figure out yourself. In fact, smiling will also reflect the best things about you, make you feel more optimistic and help you to spread your positivity around the surroundings. This will ensure that people know that you are gregarious and at the same time it will also make you feel better about who and what you are.


Remember, personality development is an ongoing process. You slowly learn about your characteristics. Make sure that you mold those characters to help you become better in life.

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