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Rajasthan - A state of Desert

Posted On 2015-06-29

Rajasthan - A state of Desert

Introduction- Rajasthan is a state of Kings and emperors. It has got beautiful palaces and forts that reflect the previous era. Here men are seen with long mustaches and women in formal ghagras. Shimmering temples and iconic landscape make the state stand out.


Capital- Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan is the largest city of northern India. The city is known as the ' Pink City' because of the vibrant colors of buildings and monuments. It is the most famous tourist destination of the state.


Culture- Rajasthani culture has always been dominated by the folk music which also has got international recognition. Famous musical instruments like Sarangi sitar and tabla are part of almost every folk song and ballad which relates the history and Rajputani culture. Handicraft works like the Zari products, wooden furniture and embroidery are exported all over the country.


Weather- the climate of Rajasthan is semi-arid. Because of the deserts, the day temperature rises while the night temperatures fall abruptly. During summers the maximum, temp. recordedas 49 degrees and for winters, its 7-8 degrees.


Lifestyle- Rajasthani men and women have their different attire and they believe in simple living. The villages still have Panchayats where they follow the commands of the Mukhiya.


Major Crops Grown- Rajasthan is home to many small scale industries and is the largest producer of cotton. Other than this, other major crops that are grown in the state are maize, Bajra, wheat, jowar, barley, gram and pulses. Fruits are also grown like guava, orange, mango, pomegranate and lemon.


Costume & Ornaments- People of Rajasthan like to wear colorful clothes from head to toe. The female clothing includes ghagra teamed up with a kurta and dupatta. The men on the other hand, are seen in dhoti Kurta and a white turban.


Major Festivals- The camel festival is celebrated in Rajasthan annually during the month of December or January. Other festivals are Nagaur fair, Elephant festival, Mewar festival, Mahashivratri, Holi and Guru Purnima.


Tourist Attractions- Rajasthan has some unobtrusive spots and is a perfect mix of culture and beauty. Against the magnificent desert stand an array of camels that look picturesque at times. Forts like Chittorgarh fort, City palaces, Dilwara temples and carved havelis and temples like the Jaisalmer Havelis are all part of the beautiful state. Famous tourist destinations are Jaisalmer, Jaipur- the pink city, Bikaner, Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, Udaipur, Kanak Valley and Ajmer.


Kinds of homes- houses in Rajasthan are made in order to reflect the scorching heat which prevails almost throughout the year.


Famous personalities- Bhairon Singh Shekhawat- VP of India, and also CM of Rajasthan, Jaswant Singh, Sachin Pilot, Gayatri Devi and many more were born in Rajasthan.

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