Question 5

Name and explain different types of reserves in detail.


Types of Reserves are as follows:-

1) Revenue Reserves:- These reserves come into existence out of profits which have been earned in the course of day-to-day business operations. Therefore, the revenue reserves represent undistributed profits and as such are available for the distribution of dividends.

Revenue reserves may be of the following two types:-

(A) General Reserve:- Usually, the businessmen do not withdraw the entire profits from the business but retain a part of it in the business to meet unforeseen future uncertainties.
(B) Specific Reserve:- Such a reserve is created for a specific purpose and can be utilised only for that purpose.

2) Capital Reserves:- In addition to the normal profits, capital profits are also earned in the business from many sources. The reserves created out of such capital profits are known as Capital Reserves. Such reserves generally, are not available for distribution as cash dividend among the shareholders of a Company. Profits received from the following sources are termed as Capital profits:-

(A) Profits on the sale of fixed assets.
(B) Profits on the revaluation of fixed assets and liabilities.
(C) Premiums received on issues of Shares or Debentures.
(D) Profit on redemption of Debentures.
(E) Profit from the reissue of forfeited shares.
(F) Profit prior to the incorporation of a Company.
(G) Profit on the purchase of a running business.

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