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Question 2

State whether the following statements are True or False :

(a) Journal is a book of secondary entry.
(b) One debit account and more than one credit account in a entry is called compound entry.
(c) Assets sold on credit are entered in sales journal.
(d) Cash and credit purchases are entered in purchasejJournal.
(e) Cash sales are entered in sales journal.
(f) Cash book records transactions relating to receipts and payments.
(g) Ledger is a subsidiary book.
(h) Petty cash book is a book having record of big payments.
(i) Cash received is entered on the debit side of cash book.
(j) Transaction recorded both on debit and credit side of cash book is known as contra entry.
(k) Balancing of account means total of debit and credit side.
(l) Credit purchase of machine is entered in purchase journal.


(a) False
(b) True
(c) False
(d) False
(e) False
(f) True
(g) True
(h) False
(i) True
(j) True
(k) False
(l) False

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