Question 1

1. A government company is any company in which the paid up capital held by the government is not less than
(a) 49 per cent (b) 51 per cent
(c) 50 per cent (d) 25 per cent

2. Centralised control in MNC’s implies control exercised by
(a) Branches (b) Subsidiaries
(c) Headquarters (d) Parliament

3. PSE’s are organisations owned by
(a) Joint Hindu family (b) Government
(c) Foreign Companies (d) Private entrepreneurs

4. Reconstruction of sick public sector units is taken up by
(a) MOFA (b) MoU
(c) BIFR (d) NRF

5. Disinvestments of PSE’s implies
(a) Sale of equity shares to (b) Closing down private sector/public operations
(c) Investing in new areas (d) Buying shares PSE’s

6. The equity-based joint venture does not include
(a) Cooperative development (b) Company
(c) Partnership (d) Limited liability partnership


1. (b) 51 per cent
2. (c) headquarters
3. (b) government
4. (c) BIER
5. (a) sale of equity share of private sector/public

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