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Earth Full of Mysteries

Posted On 2016-04-17

Earth Full of Mysteries

The Earth is full of mysteries. Its evolution and ability to sustain life, while other planets in the solar system continue to remain uninhabited, is a huge mystery in itself. However, there are a number of happenings in the different parts of the Earth that has baffled mankind. We are yet to find answers to these mind boggling incidents, but these certainly are some amazing mysteries that the Earth has presented before us. Some of the most intriguing mysteries recorded from different corners of the Earth are:


• Bermuda Triangle


Situated in western North Atlantic region, the Bermuda Triangle is the most infamous mystery of the Earth. Spread over an undefined region, this region is believed to engulf ships and aircraft passing over it. Many sea vessels and aircraft have reportedly gone missing from this region. While some people attribute it to paranormal activity, others are of the opinion that there is some extraterrestrial activity going on in this region.


• Cuban Underwater City


The Cuban Underwater City is a series of complex granite structure found on the Guanahacabibes coast of Cuba. The structures have perplexed marine biologists and scientists as they exhibit a very organised form of architecture. Scientists have tried to determine the origin and function of these structures through sonar imaging. While some scientists believe that they are a part of a city which may have submerged under water, others are still skeptical about the structures. However, one thing they agree upon are that such architecture wasn’t possible and does not correspond with the time indicated by structures.


• Earth Changes


Earth Changes is used to refer to a series of

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