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Food Capitals of the world

Posted On 2013-08-22

Food Capitals of the world

There are plenty of places in the world where people visit only to indulge in the culinary delights that these places offer. Such places are known for their gastro-tourism. These are called the food capitals of the world. The following are some hot destinations to get the best dining and wining experience.


1. Paris, France

French food is known for its high quality and precision taste. Its greatness lies in its simplicity. For instance, a crusty baguette is a simple delicacy that you'd wish to eat more and more. A crème brûlée served in a soufflé mould is something you will travel thousands of miles to eat.


2. Istanbul, Turkey

Turkish cuisine is known for its aromas and Earth-shattering taste. Turkey is influenced by Asian and European culinary cultures. You can taste this aspect in Turkish food such as entrees. Similarly grilled augergine, gozleme, and kofte are some of the other Turkish delights that you shouldn't miss.


3. Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne has scores of cafes in narrow cobblestone passages. You can get anything in Australia. But when you are here, you have to try the pastries and cup-cakes. Melbourne is also known for its French pastries. The cuisine here is unconventional. In many restaurants, you could be served dishes with vintage crockery.


4. Marrakech, Morocco

The best thing about Moroccan food is the way it is presented. The presentation of the food seduces you into it. The food is replescendent with aesthetics and flavors. For instance, Tajine is a popular dish that is presented in a pot. The constituents of the dish are lamb meat and dry fruits. Another exquisite cuisine is Harira - a tomato soup made with herbs.


5. Barcelona, Spain Spanish

food is also influenced by Mediterranean culture. There are plenty of seafood dishes such as lobster and paella due to this. Then there is the world famous Tapas - which comes in various manifestations. Tapas is available at bars and restaurants. To be able to eat well in Spain, you have to have patience. Because Spanish food does take some cooking.


6. New York, US

New York is full of restaurants. You can call it a Mecca of restaurants. The beef burger is a popular dish here. If you love meat, you have to visit the Meat Packing District for a fine dining experience. You can be from any ethnicity. You can be rest assured there is always a restaurant that has your country's food in New York.


7. Kyoto, Japan

When in Kyoto, you will visit Izakaya, which is a pub that also serves you authentic Japanese meals. Food is cooked in traditional Japanese style such as Kyo-ryori. Vegetables are procured from Kansai. Vegetables are as fresh as fresh can get. And also you should not forget sushi, tofu, and tempura when in Kyoto.


8. Cochin, India

In Cochin, Kerala, you get delicious sea food. The cuisine here is influenced by the neighboring country Sri Lanka, and several South Indian states such as Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Dishes are served on a banana leaf. You have to eat food with your bare hands to be in-sync with the rest of the people. So forget using knives and forks!

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