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Maharashtra - A home to Marathi and Bollywood film industry

Posted On 2015-06-29

Maharashtra - A home to Marathi and Bollywood film industry

Introduction - Maharashtra is the most populous state of the nation. The state inhabits around 110 million people. The state is a home to Marathi and Bollywood film industry also. Because of the immense job and business opportunities available in Maharashtra, people from all parts of the country migrate to this state and settle here.


Capital- Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra and is also the financial capital of the country. The city is home to the headquarters of all the major banks in the country. The city is famous for its seaside location and the fact that many Bollywood celebs live here.


Culture- The Marathi culture is visible in the day to day life of the people of Maharashtra. Their culture is a fusion of different castes, creeds and religions. The main craftwork of Maharashtra includes KolhapuriChappals, Kolhapurijewelry of different varieties. Women indulge in jewellery making and handmade footwear of leather.


Weather- The state of Maharashtra experiences typical monsoon climate. The weather conditions are not extreme with the summer temperatures ranging between 22-39 degrees and the winter temperature between 12-34 degrees. Winter season is pleasant and dry while the summers are hot and humid. The monsoon season begins from June and lasts till September/October.


Lifestyle- The Marathi people very welcoming and hospitable. People from different religions reside there harmoniously. Excluding the urban population, a large part of Maharashtra has tribal and rural population. The people of Maharashtra love their dance, music and festivals.


Major crops- Agriculture is practiced mainly in the land of Maharashtra. Cotton and sugarcane are the major crops grown here. Other crops found here are wheat, rice, mangoes, bananas, seasonal vegetables, grapes etc.


Costume and ornaments- The dressing sense of Marathi people is influenced by their traditional culture. Men in general wear a dhoti with shirt and a head gear called pheta. The women wear a 9 yard sari teamed up with a choli or blouse.


Major festivals- apart from holi and diwali which are celebrated all over the country, dushehra and ganesh chathurti are two festivals that are celebrated with great zeal and the celebrations reach the zenith during the festival nights.


Tourist attractions- Maharashtra has a lot to offer to the tourists. The main places of interest include Dargah of Haji Ali, Gateway of India, and Elephanta Caves, Bibi ka Maqbara, Ajanta and Ellora caves.


Kinds of homes- the urban population of Maharashtra resides in well build apartments, luxurious skyscrapers and flats while the rural population lives in houses with basic amenities.


Famous personalities-  Chhatrapati Shivaji, Aziz Premji, numerous Bollywood Icons and Business tycoons also belong to Maharashtra.

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