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Top 10 Causes of earthquake

Posted On 2016-01-07

Top 10 Causes of earthquake

An earthquake can be both a man-made and natural disaster. It is difficult to control the magnanimity and fierceness of such an attack when an earthquake comes. The recent Nepal example is in itself a testimony of hoe necessary it has become to be aware of some of the earthquake preventive measures. But before that one must know how an earthquake is caused. Read up:-

  1. Seismic Waves

This is one of the major causes of an earthquake. There are several types of earthquake waves including primary waves and also secondary waves. However, Surface waves consist of several major types and are known as long waves.  These waves then cause heavy disruption when they flow as they are affected by changes in the density and also the rigidity of the material through which they pass. Major examples of such an earthquake were in Assam, India (1897 and 1950).

  1. Compression in the earth’s crust

There have been many examples of Earthquakes in Australia are being caused because of the movements along faults. This could be a result of the compression in the Earth’s crust.  You can determine the size or magnitude of earthquakes by measuring the actual amplitude of the seismic waves which gets recorded on a seismograph.

  1. Dams and reservoirs:-

This can be one of the major causes. The rupture in the million tons of water would have hastened the earth’s shaking. No geological process can actually come up with such a huge concentration of mass in such a small area except for a volcano. It is history which has proved of how large reservoirs of water created by dams have caused earthquakes. Examples include from Zambia to Greece to India. Example: - 2008 Sichuan, China earthquake- killed nearly 70,000 people. It is believed that it was triggered by the construction of the Zipping Dam nearby.

  1. Groundwater extraction

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