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Never Hope To Please Everyone If You Wish To Succeed

It’s very difficult to put yourself first when all you are looking for is the acceptance that you are succeeding in life and people are happy with what you are doing. But we should not rely on other people’s views about our lives and then adjust to living socially correct.

However, you can’t make everyone happy all of the time. You have to put yourself, your requirements, and your happiness above all others. Do what you want to do for yourself before you concern yourself with what other people may think or worry about what they might say. You are the one and only who is responsible for your own happiness.

Why Trying to Please Everyone Doesn’t Work If You Wish To Succeed

Below are the points never hope to please everyone if you wish to succeed:

1. You lose to please the one person who is important to you

But the most prominent reason to stop trying to please everyone has nothing to do with everyone and everything to do with just one person.

Trying to please everyone is bound into the fear of rejection and the fear of failure. But the biggest failure in life is failing to be you. And the biggest rejection in life is rejecting you. By trying to please everyone, then you make both these fears come true.

2. You become more manipulative

You would often feel resentful when a friend or colleague asking for more favor. They seemed to be manipulating, taking advantage. 

3. You love yourself less

When the people you wanted to admire, respect, and love you now reject you, then you feel that you are not a lovable person. In fear, you increase your people-pleasing behavior and it becomes a depressing spiral.

The gap from the way you do to the way you really want to do increases with every people-pleasing act. This leaves you feeling disappointed and ashamed of whom you have become.

4. People are mostly fearful of what they don’t understand

Whatever you want from your life, whatever dreams or desires you might have, not everyone around you is going to understand them. In fact, some are likely to be intimidated by them. When one person in a group begins to succeed while the others remain within the status, then there is a certain amount of stress that’s generated.

As your journey is unique, you can’t assume everyone understands it. And it also can’t happen that every action you take or decision you makes to please everyone. It does not easily happen. But don’t let it discourage you from confidently marching towards your goals..

5. You found yourself less trustworthy

Always accepting or saying the right thing looks to be well-intentioned, but you dress it up, hiding what you think isn’t telling the truth. And as humans, can sense that someone is being false. It might look like just a little white lie to enhance someone’s ego.

6. Absence of confidence that affects your life and career

People find you unreliable because you only tell them what they want to hear, so they are hesitant to trust in you. So you never know what they are really thinking either, which influences you to feel less confident in dealing with them.

7. You end up with fewer friends

Seeking to please everyone is rooted in the fear of rejection. The irony is because you end up resembling less attractive and less trustworthy. Most of the people you are trying to get favor from are often the people who reject you. Perhaps not to your face, but in their hearts.

Without confidence, relationships fade and die. And nobody wants to be exposed to someone who conceals their true feelings.

8. You become more annoyed

You get annoyed by the very people you’re trying to please. Then you feel they are taking advantage of you. But, when you are being honest, you also beat yourself up for trying to get them to like you by putting their wants before your own.

You imagine they only like you because you say yes to their everything. And in reality, you have no way of knowing whether this is true or not, so you become more and more annoyed with them.

9. You avoid things that you love

To please others, you avoid things which love. You should STOP avoiding doing that thing you love. What is right in one person’s mind could be wrong in another person’s mind. Most things are considered subjective. They’re open to interpretation. There is not a set way of doing every single thing in life that’s always the right way. Because of that, people will vary in their views of just how to approach something. If you’re not doing it their way, then how can expect to please them and everyone else for that matter.

10. We all are different in our own experiences

No two people are exactly alike. Since we are all the unique product of our own experiences, and we all have different values and beliefs, we behave differently. Even someone you might think you know well might have a hidden value or belief that reveals itself. When you do something that disobeys or runs in distinction to their particular thoughts

11. No matter what you decide to do, people will always find something to talks about you

The nature of humanity is to talk. We talk about others and try to feel better about ourselves. Gossip is one of the worst ways to pass the time. There’s no sense in gossiping. If you are also gossiping regularly, then you’re filling your life with negativity rather than positivity. It’s harder to push past the status when you live in the negative zone.

Considering that people will always talk, there is not much you can do to please those people. They will always find matter about you to talk. That’s just the nature of groups. They are almost culprit like in their nature. They supply negativity and seeing others hurt. But you simply have to neglect it. 

Don’t allow other people’s opinions of you to stop you from doing the things which you really love. You can’t please them all. If you really want to do something, even if you’ve failed a number of times and even if people have spoken negatively about you in the past, do it without any hesitation. Do it for you. Don’t do it for them. Do it because it’s what you really want to do in your life.

12. You will lose your identity by trying to please others

When you try to please others all the time, then you lose yourself. We lose our identities. We live a life of compliance, trying to adapt to the will of others who pressure us to do things that please them rather than that please us.

You should pursue your dreams no matter what. If you don’t want to risk losing your own identity, don’t give up hope. There is light at the other end of the tunnel. Don’t hold all your dreams just because you’re trying to please all the other people around you.

13. If your dreams do not terrify, then they are not big enough

We are often afraid of not pleasing everyone around us when we have big hopes and dreams for the future. We worry about what others might think. We bother about how others might judge us and feel about us. It does not matter what other people will say or think as long as it’s something you’re passionate about. You shouldn’t try to please every single person because it will really impossible to do it. But don’t compromise your dreams for others. You should get out there and pursue them with all your heart.

14. When you try to please everyone, then you are pulling negativity

The Law of Attraction is strong. We don’t even recognize that we attract whatever is in our minds. That’s also why we manage to move towards our greatest fears. And when you try to please everyone, you just end up pulling more negativity

You can’t please them all. Be careful about the things that you’re thinking or saying daily. Our behavior is habit driven. It is hard to always notice the habits that are holding us back.


There are several reasons why it’s impossible to please everyone if you wish to succeed, and while this information might not completely relieve your worries, reduce your stress, or eliminate all your fears for pursuing your dreams, it will probably allow you to realize that nobody will be completely pleased with your actions all the time.

Don’t allow peer pressure to hold you back. Set your goals sky high. You can achieve anything just you put your mind into it. It doesn’t mean what other people say or think about you. As long as you’re doing what makes you satisfied, that is what is important. As long as, deep down from your inside, you’re satiated, and you’re doing things for the right reasons with the right motivations, you should never feel sorry for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. I want to pursue Modelling as my Career, Many of the people around us objected on my goal. How should I make them understand?
Ans. Well, No need to please anyone, just make sure you are on right path and very clear about your goal. Tell others about your goal and proceed without thinking about the people against you.

Q2. Is it True that if we try to please everyone, there are chances that we end-up attracting negativity?
Ans. Yes, It is true. You must understand that it is impossible to please everyone around us. The more we try, the more negativity we can get. 

Q3. I have a very good job, a High salary and a good Lifestyle but still few people are always against me. I am very disappointed about it.
Ans. The best thing is to ignore these kinds of people because you can’t please everyone.

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SaralStudy Team
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