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Salads How Does It Help Start The Day

Posted On 2013-08-07

Salads How Does It Help Start The Day

Salads make an ideal breakfast item because they are light on the stomach and filling and nutritious at the same time. If you are looking for ways to reduce weight, salads are the healthiest way to weight loss. Furthermore, they are a delicious way of giving your body its daily dose of vegetables. Not only does it ensure that your body gets all the nutrition it requires, but also give you a beautiful skin and hair. Some of the major benefits of eating salads are:


• Rich source of fibre


Salads consist of fruits and vegetables which are a very rich source of fibre. Fibre ensures that your digestive system functions properly and prevents cholesterol and constipation. You can also see a visible difference in your skin and hair when your digestive system in functioning in a healthy manner.


Furthermore, salads fill you up making you more energetic, lively and ready to take on the day ahead. And because you feel full, you tend to eat lesser and eventually lose weight.


• Provide your daily dose of fruits and vegetables


Including a lot of fruits and green vegetables, especially in the raw form can increase blood levels rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants are very effective in protecting the body from harmful diseases by fighting off harmful molecules called free radicals. Studies have proved that people who include fruits and raw vegetables in their diet are at a lesser risk of diseases such as cancer. People who include such items in their food are more immune to cancers in the head and neck region and this is true for even those who are in the habit of heavy smoking and drinking. Vegetables such as beans, peas, tomatoes etc are highly effective in this regard.


• Lose weight naturally


Studies have shown that people who eat lots of green veggies can reduce weight easily. Green salads are low on calories and fill up your stomach leaving you satisfied. Such low calorie diets are the best when it comes to losing weight. Your stomach is full, yet you haven’t gained any fat! What could be more wonderful? Make the salad bigger by adding more vegetables and fruits and reduce the amount of fatty add ons such as dressings to fix yourself a power packed breakfast which will energise you without adding fat to your waistline.


• Gain Smart Fats


Olive oil, nuts and avocado contain good fats which allow your body to absorb more of protective plant chemicals such as lycopene and lutein. Avocado is a great facilitator in the absorption of alpha and betacarotene. Both alpha and beta-carotene are believed to be very effective in fighting cancer and heart diseases.

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