NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English - First Flight

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 english-first-flight covers all the questions given in the NCERT book. You can study and download these question and their solutions free from this page. These solutions are solved by our specialists at, that will assist all the students of respective boards, including CBSE, who follows NCERT; with tackling all the questions easily. We give chapter wise complete solutions for your straightforwardness.

  • Chapter 1 A Letter to God

    A Letter to God is the chapter written by G.L. Fuentes which depicts the firm faith of a poor and simple-minded farmer named Lencho in God. He was poor but a dedicated farmer. He was hoping for a decent harvest. To his dismay, a hailstorm came suddenly which fully destroyed all his crops and harvest.

  • Chapter 2 Nelson Mandela - Long Walk to Freedom

    This chapter is an extract from the autobiography of Nelson Mandela (born- 18 July, 1918), the first Black President of South Africa. Excerpts from “Long Walk to Freedom” include description of the inauguration ceremony, citations from his speech, his journey to being a freedom fighter, the struggle, along with a tribute to other freedom fighters and countless other people who fought for their freedom.   In South Africa, a brutal practice named “apartheid” was followed. Apartheid refers to the discrimination between people on the basis of their race. It was one of the most brutal societies where dark-skinned people were deprived of their basic rights. This lesson gives us an overview as to how Nelson Mandela along with others, carved their way to a society where there will be no discrimination on the basis of their colour, caste, race, age or gender.


  • Chapter 3 Two Stories about Flying
  • Chapter 4 From the Diary of Anne Frank
  • Chapter 5 The Hundred Dresses - 1
  • Chapter 6 The Hundred Dresses - 2
  • Chapter 7 Glimpses of India
  • Chapter 8 Mijbil the Otter

    Mijbil the Otter by Gavin Maxwell is a lesson which moves around the experiences of the author after he pets an otter and gives the name Mijbil to him. It begins when the writer is travelling to a place called Basra, along with his friend. At one point, the author showed his interest to pet an otter. The author lost his pet dog and felt alone ever since the dog passed away. Therefore, he decided to pet an otter. His friend suggested he get an otter from the marshes. When they arrived at the destination, they discovered nothing else, only a letter from the friend’s mail. But the author still waited for the mail. When he received it, he went to the room only to find an otter packed. The otter has been sent to him with the help of the Arabs along with a message. The author names the otter as Mijbil and calls him Mij with love.

  • Chapter 9 Madam Rides the Bus
  • Chapter 10 The Sermon at Benares
  • Chapter 11 The Proposal

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