NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English - Hornbill

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 english-hornbill covers all the questions given in the NCERT book. You can study and download these question and their solutions free from this page. These solutions are solved by our specialists at, that will assist all the students of respective boards, including CBSE, who follows NCERT; with tackling all the questions easily. We give chapter wise complete solutions for your straightforwardness.

  • Chapter 1 The Portrait of a Lady

    The author Khushwant singh talks about his grandmother. He portraits his grandmother and says that his grandmother has lots of wrinkles on her face as she is very old and after seeing this he don’t believes that in earlier times his grandmother was very pretty and beautiful because his grandmother is old and obese now and her back is slightly tilt down due to old age.

    In the First phase, when the narrator was a small boy, he used to live in village with his grandmother as his parents were living in the city. Author and his grandmother had a great bonding of friendship. She used to make him wake up in the morning and get him ready for school and prepares breakfast and she used to pack his lunch, wooden slate and yellow chalk in a bundle. She used to accompany him to school and while he do his studies in school, she used to spend her time in temple by praying and telling her beads. And after returning from school they used to feed chapattis to street dogs.

    In the second phase, author’s parents got settled in the city and author and his grandmother also shifted in the city. They used to share the same room but some distances had come between their relationships because author started going to school in a motor bus and his grandmother could no longer accompany him to his school, and could not feed dogs like she used to do in village but now she spend her time by spinning wheel, reciting prayers and telling her beads.

  • Chapter 2 We're Not Afraid to Die... if We Can All Be Together

    The story shows the values of bravery, scaring and daring moments shown by the characters of the story. Gordon cook is the main character of the story, who is the captain of his ship.In July 1976, Gordon Cook, Mary (wife), son Jonathan (Jon), and daughter Suzanne started a journey copying the Round-The-World Voyage, which was made 200 years ago by James Cook. He and Mary spent all leisure time of last 16 years, to sharpen their skills. Their boat “Wavewalker” was a 23 metre, 30 ton wooden beauty, which was professionally built.The first leg of their planned 3yr 105,000 km journey, was from west coast of Africa to Cape Town. It passed well. Before heading east, they took 2 crewmates – Larry vigil and Herb Seigler, to help them tackle the Southern Indian Ocean. Om 2nd day at Cape Town, they began to face storm. On 25 Dec, they were 3500km east of Cape Town. On New Year, the weather became worse. At dawn on 2nd Jan, waves were gigantic. As the ship rose each wave, they could see the sea rolling towards them to slow down the boat, they dropped the storm jib, and lashed a heavy rope across stern. They double lashed everything, went through life drills, lifelines, oilskins and life jackets. At 6p.m. the ominous silence warned them. Sky grew dark, and a cloud came. But then he realised, it was a wave almost twice the deck was smashed. A flood of water broke over the ship. Gordon’s head smashed into the wheel, and he got sink in the sea. He accepted his approaching death, so he was peaceful. Unexpectedly, his head came out, Wavewalker was just few metres away, nearly horizontal. He grabbed the guard rails, and sailed in ship. His left ribs cracked, mouth filled with blood. He gave the control of wheel to Marry, and ran to children’s cabin. Sue had a big bump above her eyes. After finding some tools, he repaired the smashed starboard and deck. It saved them from sinking. However, some water continued to enter. But then, hand pumps began to block due to electric pump was short circuited. But he remembered that they have another electric pump, it worked.

  • Chapter 3 Discovering Tut: the Saga Continues
  • Chapter 4 Landscape of Soul
  • Chapter 5 The Ailing Planet: the Green Movement's Role
  • Chapter 6 The Browning Version
  • Chapter 7 The Adventure
  • Chapter 8 Silk Road