Chapter 4 Landscape of Soul

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Exercise 1 ( Page No. : 38 )

  • Q1 (i) Contrast the Chinese view of art with the European view with examples. (ii) Explain the concept of shanshui.


    Chinese view of art European view of art
    The Chinese painter draws painting in a way that its viewer can follow its path from any point. European painter draws painting in way that their painting can be followed from only one way.
    Chinese painters wants to show beauty of inner life and spirit. European painter wants to show perfection and illusions only .

    (ii) Shanshui which means “mountain water”. The mountain represents ‘Yang’, the male principle; and water signifies ‘Yin’, the female principle. It is painting style which shows mountain and water and beautiful landscape or it is way to show beauty of inner life and spirit. And yang and Yin represents the fundamental Daoist view of the universe.

    Q2 (i) What do you understand by the terms ‘outsider art’ and ‘art brut’ or ‘raw art’? (ii) Who was the “untutored genius who created a paradise” and what is the nature of his contribution to art?

    (i) Outsider art refers to the artist who don’t have any right to be an artist as they didn’t have a formal training. And art brut or raw art refers to the works that were in their raw state as regards cultural and artistic influence.
    (ii) The “untutored genius who created a paradise” was an 80 years old creator-director, Nek Chand. His contribution of Rock Garden worked as an influencer for outsider’s art and also he contributed highly in raw art as he made his sculptures by raw materials like stones, broken crockery, and recycled materials.

Exercise 2 ( Page No. : 38 )

  • Q1 “The Emperor may rule over the territory he has conquered, but only the artist knows the way within.”

    This sentence explains a true meaning of art that an Emperor can rule the whole kingdom and have power over his territory but they can see and understand the painting in the way they want but only the painter can understand the real spirit and inner life of that painting and knows all his path. True meaning of his art can be seen by those who knows the real meaning that painting.

    Q2 “The landscape is an inner one, a spiritual and conceptual space.”

    The sentence symbolizes the Chinese art that Chinese artists wants his viewers to see the painting for every point so that they can understand the meaning of their painting not from the eyes but from their minds and can understand the inner life and spirit of that painting. Therefore they made landscape as like a real landscape but in actual it is not real and can be reached from any point and can follow the path of the painter.

Exercise 3 ( Page No. : 38 )