Question 10

What are the various types of industries?


Various types of industries are:

1. Primary Industries: It includes all those activities, which are concerned with the extraction and production of natural resources and reproduction and development of living organisms, plants etc. these industries may be further sub-divided as follow:

        a. Extractive industries.
        b. Genetic industries.

2. Secondary Industries: They are concerned with using the materials which have already been extracted at the primary industry but manufacture of steel is secondary industry. Secondary industries may be further divided as follows:

  • Manufacturing Industries: They are further divided into:

    a. Analytical industry,
    b. Synthetical industry,
    c. Processing industry
    d. Assembling industry.

  • Construction Industries.                

3. Tertiary Industries: They are concerned with providing support services to primary and secondary industries as well as activities relating to trade.

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