Question 8

What is metamorphosis? Give examples.


A change in the animal’s body structure through the cell growth and the differentiation by which an animal develops after birth or hatching is known as metamorphosis. Or, we can say transforming of larva into an adult through a biological process is called as metamorphosis. Metamorphosis involved the sudden and abrupt changes in the structure of an animal. For example: frogs, insects etc.

Life cycle of Frog:

It involves mainly three stages:

Egg   →   Tadpole   →   Adult

life cycle of frog

From the egg tadpole emerges which have gills, tail and a small circular mouth. Tadpole can swim in water freely. Now some sudden and abrupt changes occurs in the structure of tadpole and it develops into a mature frog. The process of metamorphosis starts with the development and finally tail appearance occurs by the body.

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