Chapter 16 Light

  • Light is reflected from all the surfaces.
  • Regular reflection takes place when light is incident on smooth, polished and regular surfaces.
  • Diffused/ irregular reflection takes place from rough surfaces.
  • Image formed in a plane mirror undergoes lateral inversion.
  • Beautiful patterns are formed in a kaleidoscope because of multiple reflection.
  • Spelling of light into seven colours are called dispersion.
  • Angle of incidence is the angle between the incident ray and the normal. It is denoted as (∠i).
  • Angle of reflection is the angle between the reflected ray and normal. It is denoted as (∠r).
  • The area on retina that does not have any light sensing nerves. This area have zero vision. It is known as blind spot.
  • Braille may be defined as the system for blind persons in which raised dots represent the letter. By this blind person can read and write by touching.
  • In retina, photoreceptor cells are present, are called as cones which are sensitive to light and colour.
  • The transparent part of the eye called as cornea which covers the most of the part of eye.
  • In plane mirror, generally the right part seems as left and left is seems as right, it is due to the phenomenon of lateral inversion.

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