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The Bharat Scouts And Guides

The Bharat Scouts and Guides (BSG) is the national scouts and guides association of India. Its headquarters is based in New Delhi and it is recognized by The Government of India. It was founded on 7th November 1950. If we talk about Scouting, It was founded in the year 1909 as a branch in India to overseas and then in 1937, The Scouts association became the member of the World Organization of the Scouts Movement. On the other hand, In India Guiding was started in the year 1911 and became a member of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girls Scouts in the year 1928. Meanwhile, at present, it is covering Bangladesh and Pakistan and many more areas in different countries.

The Bharat Scouts And Guides

The main mission of this association is to contribute the youth to the education by the value-based system on the Scouts Promise and Law to make a person self-dependent and also can serve their society with their best efforts and to build a better life for the individual. The unit of scouts and guides is separate from other units due to some different co-educational activities like Rallies, Conferences, and Jamborees. The best thing about Bharat Scouts and Guides (BSG) is that the handicapped person whether boy or girl can also participate in it.

The BSG is further divided into 4 sections according to the age group which is as below:

  • Bunnies section- It includes both boys and girls of the age group of 3-5 years.
  • CUBS section- It includes only boys of the age group of 5-10 years.
  • Scouts section- It includes only boys of 10-17 years of age.
  • Rovers section- This also includes only boys in the age group of 17-25 years.

While the Bharat Guides contains:

  • Bulbul section- This is the section only for girls of the age group of 5- 10 years.
  • Guides section- This also includes only girls of the age of 10-17 years.
  • Ranger section- It is also for girls of the age group of 17-25years.

Bharat Scouts and Guides Activities

The Bharat Scouts and Guides (BSG) have four special branches which conduct different activities which are detailed below: 

  1.  Extension Scouting: The main feature of extension scouting is to meet the special needs of the youth. The founder of Extension Scouting was “Robert Baden Powell” who made BSG “open to all”.
  2. Sea Scouting: It is founded in the year 1909. Sea Scouting is based on water-based activities which can be performed on sea, rivers, or lakes. These activities provide chances to learn about navigation, sail cruise or boats and also give knowledge about how to work on engines. They also have their “uniform code”. 
  3. Air Scouts: The Air scouts was founded in 1911. Air Scouts are based on flying activities like aviation but most of the Air Scouts’ activities are mainly based on the ground as well. Such as visiting airports, on airfields, etc. The Air Scouts depend mainly on age groups, scouts group, and country to participate in the different kinds of activities like parachuting or fly in different aircrafts such as hot air balloons, gliders, helicopters, etc. 
  4. Venture Club Scheme: The Venture Club program is mainly focused on young people of the age group of 15-18 years. This program comprises the knowledge and learning-based concepts for youth for developing their learning and professional skills. The Venture Scheme includes many activities like Wind Surfing, Mountain Biking, Sailing, etc.

History of Bharat Scouts and Guides (BSG)

The Bharat Scouts And Guides (BSG) was established in the year 1914 and the founder of the “Scout Movement” was Robert Baden Powell. The boy scouts movement was first, introduced by him in the United Kingdom after that he had organized a “Scout Camp” in the year 1907 which took place at Brown Sea Island. This movement was spread all over the United Kingdom as well as in other parts of the world.

In India, The first Scout Troops comprised three British boys which were later increased to nine more boys. This Boys Scouts Organization was formed in 1911 in nine states of India which consists of Shimla, Madras, Jabalpur, Saidpur, Bangalore, Calcutta, Allahabad, Poona, and Khadki.

In the year 1911, “The Girl Guide Movement” was started at Jabalpur and get expanded enormously. And in 1916 The “All India Girl Association” came into existence. The huge efforts were made after independence by many leaders such as our first Prime Minister Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, Dr. H.N Kunzru, Our Education Minister, Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad, etc., and probably, the final movement was held on 7th November 1950, which was named as “Bharat Scouts and Guides”. Nowadays, its headquarters are based in New Delhi. And have many branches all across India.

Importance of Bharat Scouts and Guides (BSG)

The importance of BSG is to build self-confidence in youngsters. There is a lack of confidence amongst youth while participating in various programs and activities organized by BSG. A student becomes confident in every way. Even this organization also dominates the purpose of fun where young people develop their physical, social, spiritual, and intellectual skills while building a sense of communication skills, interaction skills, learning skills, leadership skills, and team spirit which helps them to grow in a better way. The BSG is “Open To All”. There is no differentiation of caste, creed, religion, or gender. Everyone is treated and respected equally in BSG Camps. Also, there is some basic “Scouts and Guides law”. The BSG mainly focused on these laws properly.

Motto of Bharat Scouts and Guides (BSG)

The main motto of BSG is to Be Prepared. This means that a person should always be ready and prepare with his body and mind to perform his duty anywhere and anytime. To be active, wise, disciplined, obedient, gentle, kind, strong, and smart to handle any situation that may occur anytime. To keep your mind and body prepared to perform the right action at a time.

How to join Scouts and Guides

The Bharat Scouts and Guides (BSG) require very simple steps to join in. If by chance, the BSG is in your school or college that can make your job easy as all you need to visit the BSG Officer and ask them to help you join in, and hence you will be done. But if the BSG is not conducted in your school or college then you need to search for the unit of BSG nearby you. You can make it easy by searching the BSG unit nearby you on your phone through the Google application. Then you have to visit the unit and discuss your situation with the Unit Officer. They will surely help you out to join the Bharat Scouts and Guides (BSG).

Benefits of Bharat Scouts and Guides (BSG)

The main benefit to joining Bharat Scouts and Guides are discussed briefly:

  1. First of all, the main benefit of BSG is that you will be physically fit as there are many activities and parades, sports, pets through which you can maintain fitness.
  2.  Secondly, BSG provides you the certificates, which can help you to join government sectors because these certificates provide some bonus points which may be very essential for you to participate in any government exam, interview, or jobs as these certificates can make your percentage better by their bonus points or from its preferences as well.
  3. If anyone performs very well in the BSG activities, then one can get the chance to get an honor from the Central and State government which is such a prestigious moment for the candidate.
  4. Moreover, you can enjoy the benefit to visit new places and can explore, have adventurous activities in which you can perform and have fun also.

How to register online for Bharat Scouts and Guides (BSG)

To apply online for Bharat Scouts And Guides (BSG), you must follow the simple steps which are explained below:

  1. First, all you need to visit the Official Website of Bharat Scouts and Guides. You can easily find out the form online by the name of the Rashtrapati Award Application Form.
  2. After that, you have to fill-up the form carefully by providing each and every information required in the form.
  3. Then click the submit option to submit your application form.
  4. And hence, you will get your OTP number. Once you enter your OTP in your application within minutes you will get your confirmation message that you have successfully registered for the BSG online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. State the points of the Scouts Law.
Ans. The Scouts Law comprises of 12 principles in general:

  1. A scout should be helpful.
  2. A scout should be loyal.
  3. A scout should be trustworthy.
  4. A scout should be friendly.
  5. A scout should be courteous.
  6. A scout should be kind.
  7. A scout should be obedient.
  8. A scout should be cheerful.
  9. A scout should be thrifty.
  10. A scout should be brave.
  11. A scout should be clean.
  12. A scout should be reverent. 

Q2. What is the maximum age at which anyone can apply for the BSG?
Ans. The age limit is 25 to 45 years to apply for the BSG.

Q3. What kind of activities are performed in BSG?
Ans. There are many kinds of adventurous as well as fun-loving activities in BSG such as parachuting, flying different aircraft, mountain biking, sailing, camping, exploring different cities and remote areas, and many more.

Q4. Why scouts and guides are important to students?
Ans. The activities based on BSG are for fun purposes, help the students to stay happy, healthy and bring self-confidence, enables them to explore the world and provide better skills and knowledge, That is why the scouts and guide plays an important role in the life of students.

Q5. Why BSG, scouts shake their left hand instead of the right one?
Ans. This is the formal way of greeting the other scouts to shake their left hand. This practice is followed all around the world by the members of scouts. The left hand is close to the heart so, as a token of friendship, the scouts shake their left hand only.

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