Question 3

Name two foods each rich in:
(a) Fats
(b) Starch
(c) Dietary fibre
(d) Protein


Name two foods rich in:

  1. Fats: Groundnut, cheese, milk, butter and oily food contains fat. Fats are also the source of energy and which makes our skin soft and shiny.
  2. Starch: Rice, wheat, potato, maize etc. Rice is the main source of starch. As like fats, starch is also the source of energy. Its deficiency makes the body weak and feeble.
  3. Dietary fibres: Potato, pulses, wheat grains, fresh fruits etc. dietary fibres do not give any nutrition to our body but they help to remove the undigested food from the body.
  4. Protein: Milk, cheese, egg, fish, curd etc. are the protein rich food which give our body a balanced amount of protein for the growth and maintenance of our body.  

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