Question 2

Classify the objects or materials given below as opaque, transparent or translucent and luminous or non-luminous:

Air, water, a piece of rock, a sheet of aluminium, a mirror, a wooden board, a sheet of polythene, a CD, smoke, a sheet of plane glass, fog, a piece of red hot
iron, an umbrella, a lighted fluorescent tube, a wall, a sheet of carbon paper, the flame of a gas burner, a sheet of cardboard, a lighted torch, a sheet of cellophane, a wire mesh, kerosene stove, sun, firefly, moon.


Opaque: A piece of rock, a CD, smoke, iron, an umbrella, a wall, a sheet of aluminium.

Transparent: Air, water, sheet of plane glass.

Translucent: A sheet of polythene, fog, a sheet of cellophone.

Luminous: A lightened fluorescent tube, flame of gas burner, a lighted torch, firefly, stove, sun, moon.

Non- luminous: A mirror, piece of rock, a wire mesh, iron, a wall.

  • The objects through which lights cannot pass are called as opaque objects.
  • Objects from which lights can pass easily and we can see clearly through them are called transparent objects.
  • The objects from which lights can pass easily but we cannot see clearly are known as translucent objects.
  • The objects which emits light are called as luminous.
  • The objects which does not emit light are known as non- luminous objects.

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